Christmas and New Year SEO Tips

If you’re like most business owners, you’ve probably been working hard on your website and content strategy throughout the year. But now that we’re entering December and preparing for Christmas, it’s time to take stock of what’s working and what isn’t. Luckily, there are some simple SEO tips that can help boost your rankings come December 25th!

Decorate your website with snow and snowflakes

You can use a snowflake on your website in many different ways. Here are some ideas for how you can use it:

  • On the home page, add a snowflake image and text that says “Welcome to our site” or something similar.
  • On blog posts, use the same image with different text that describes what you’re writing about (e.g., “How we did it”).
  • On product pages, add an image as well as some sort of description of what kind of product this is (e.g., “Christmas gift guide”).
  • Create contact us forms that have beautiful images and call out your products using this design! For example: “Send me more info about [product name] here” would look great when written inside an image frame surrounded by snowflakes—it’ll get people excited about what they’ve been searching for!

Update SEO-friendly content

To keep your SEO-friendly content updated and relevant, here are some tips:

  • Update blog posts. Make sure that the latest post is up-to-date with the keywords you want to rank for in search engines. If you have multiple blogs, make sure each one has its own separate page on your website that contains all of their latest posts. This will help them rank higher in search engine results as well as make it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for when using keywords from those pages in Google searches.
  • Update product pages on e-commerce websites too! Just like with blog posts, update product descriptions so they include any new information about the product or service that has been added since last year’s Christmas season (or even earlier this year). You could also write an intro paragraph explaining how last year went so well—this might be helpful if someone searching online goes back through old articles but doesn’t remember why they were reading them originally; having something written down somewhere else can help jog their memory while also making sure everyone knows which brands/products worked best back then.”

Advertise relevant holiday products and offers

If you have a unique product or service that is relevant to the holiday season, use it. If you don’t, then what are you doing with your business?

You should also make sure to advertise your products and offers during these periods of time. This will help attract more traffic and increase conversions for your business (which is great for SEO).

Here’s how:

  • Use holiday-related keywords in your ads. For example, if someone searches for “Christmas gifts”, use this phrase in the ad text or title tag of an ad so that Google can see it as being relevant to their search query. You can also include images like Santa Claus or snowmen that relate directly back to Christmas themes; these types of images will help boost conversions because people will assume they’re looking at something related specifically towards Christmas itself!

Create a special product discount landing page using the most powerful keywords

  • Use the most powerful keywords in your URL.
  • Use the most powerful keywords in your title.
  • Use the most powerful keywords in your meta description.
  • Use the most powerful keywords in the body of your landing page (including images).

Do not forget to add the Christmas countdown timer to your website

  • Add a Countdown Timer to Your Website
  • Why You Should Add a Countdown Timer to Your Website
  • Benefits of Adding a Countdown Timer to Your Website.
  • How To Create A Countdown Timer For Christmas And New Year On Your Website

Use your social media accounts by publishing festive posts, stories and tweets

You can use your social media accounts to share content related to Christmas and New Year.

  • Share the best of your holiday-themed content on your social media profiles.
  • Hashtag it, so that it gets more exposure for you and others.
  • Connect with influencers in your niche (if applicable) who have an audience that would appreciate the post or video you’re sharing as well as linking out from their own page where they’re also sharing their best posts from this time of year. Ask questions about what people are doing during this time of year, whether they’re traveling somewhere like New York City or staying at home with family members! This will get more engagement on both sides which means better results for everyone involved!

Avoid stuffing keywords – it’s not worth ruining your copywriting for a couple of search queries.

We’ve all been there. You have a great article and you think it would be great for search engine optimization (SEO) if only the keywords were right.

Instead of writing an article based on what your audience wants, you try to stuff as many keywords into your content as possible. This can backfire very quickly, especially if Google penalizes you for keyword stuffing.

Instead of trying to cram everything into one article, make sure that every piece of copywriting has its own unique purpose—even if it means splitting up long-form content into smaller pieces (like blog posts).

Take advantage of the holiday spirit for your own benefit. It works!

The holidays are a great time to get more traffic. If you’re a small business that doesn’t have the budget for an expensive marketing campaign, it may be worth your while to take advantage of this opportunity by making use of popular hashtags and designating a section of your website for resources on how to make cards, ornaments, or other crafts for the holidays.

If you don’t already have an online shop, consider setting one up this season—it will help you reach new customers and increase sales!

Use popular hashtags – #holiday, #giftsforhim, #newyearnewgoals, etc.

When it comes to SEO, hashtags are a great way to get more traffic. You can use them to find relevant content on Google and other search engines, which will help you rank higher in search results. In addition to that, hashtags are also a way for you to get external links from other websites that have similar topics as yours or even related products or services.

Designate a section of your website for resources on how to make cards, ornaments, or other crafts for the holidays. This is a great way to get more traffic before Christmas. You can also create a separate page about how to celebrate New Year’s Eve in your city or simply write an article – this will help you get external links.

The best way to get more traffic during the holiday season is by creating a separate web page or section of your site where you can post links to videos and articles about Christmas crafts.

If you have time, consider making a couple of different types of content for this purpose: one for kids, another for adults; one that talks about how cool it is to make decorations with your kids (so they have something fun to do) and another that talks about how great it is to go out with friends after eating all those cookies at Christmas time.

These are just a few examples of what you can do, but it’s really up to you. The main thing is that you spend some time thinking about these ideas and then implementing them into your site.


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