FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness

FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness - Case Study
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Decrease in Cost Per Conversion
Return on advertising spend in 90 days on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
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Increase in Quality Leads

Converting more traffic, producing higher intent targeted users.

Where we Excelled for FACE

Our Strong Points

www.facebeautyscience.com – FACE came to SEO Smooth with many pains. What the result was savings in the tens of thousands of dollars in ad spend while increasing effectiveness with Facebook Ads. Not to mention a cost-effective & lead generating machine of a Google Ad campaign. Using a combination of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and using top-notch SEO we developed a lead generating machine for their various services such as med spa, cosmetic lifts, and beauty services.
FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness - Case Study

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