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We proudly announce the official launch of our new website. We had done a soft launch back in May, and after some final touches, here we are.

When I created SEO Smooth as a brand, we needed something long-lasting, and despite some logo refreshes with slight modifications, getting a branding guide and such, and it was a bit monotone. I had thought we could use some brighter colors and a new palette in a redesign and new backend development effort that spanned 8 months. Something still attractive yet not too bold, but also very eyecatching.

Viewsonic was one of my favorite brands in the 90s, growing up with PCs in the AOL era. The bright birds gave a tremendous energetic feel for the brand. Just off that brand alone with no game-changing features in its industry of products, they had a good run, like Gateway computers.

The Tucan was one thing that came to mind to do something similar, a bird I always wanted to see in the wild. After a trip to Costa Rica for some R&R and motivation at The Springs resort, I finally got to see some in real life. A fearless bird in the sense is it’ll go right by your head at full speed, and I thought it was perfect for our ethos.


This brings me to our new Mascot, Tom The Tucan. No sooner did I pay homage to Tom Brady as a diehard Patriot fan, he leaves for Tampa, but I’ll live.


Please welcome, Tom The Tucan:

SEO Smooth Tucan


The inspiration was based on this photo:

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