What Does SEO Cost In 2020?

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Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search results.  If you aren’t educated in SEO practices and how to improve the content on your website, then it may be in your best interest to hire someone to do SEO work on your site.  How do you know what these services should cost?  If you aren’t familiar with digital marketing or paying for services like these, it can be hard to know what they should cost.

Types of SEO Services

Many times the cost of your SEO services will depend largely upon what is included.  There are various types of search engine optimization techniques, however SEO typically falls into three categories.

On-Page SEO: This includes really anything that is done on your website to enhance search engine results.  Content creation is probably the most common on-page SEO as the content is crucial in ensuring good search engine results.  Search engines want to provide their users with accurate and relevant information, so making sure that your website has this is very important.  

Technical SEO: This is a little bit harder to explain and understand, but technical SEO refers to things like having a secure HTTPS connection, optimizing images, caching site information to make your load time faster, and more.  These types of things will likely need to be done by a professional so as not to do any damage to your website due to inexperience.  

Off-Page SEO: This type of SEO refers to factors that affect your search engine results that aren’t actually on your website.  Off-page SEO usually involves techniques such as link-building, social media management, guest blogging, press releases, and more.  These are all things that help to promote the relevance of your website without actually being on your site. 

Typical SEO Costs

Now that you’ve seen the different types of SEO, it should be a little easier to understand what you should be paying.  Typically, in 2020, SEO services range from $700-$2,000 per month.  This can include a variety of things, such as blogging, social media management, website updates, and beyond.  When speaking with a digital marketing professional, you should ask how many hours per week will be spent on your SEO efforts and a breakdown of how they charge for their services.  

Search engine optimization is a critical part of your overall marketing plan.  The ranking of your website in search results helps to not only grow your business by introducing you to new potential customers but also improves your overall credibility as a business.

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