WordCamp Miami 2018 Event & Community Sponsorship

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We’re looking forward to the upcoming 2018 WordCamp Miami event on March 17th and 18th. In a blurb, WordCamp is a great place for WordPress novices and experts alike to come together and learn all about WordPress – from plugins to theme development, advanced techniques, and security. A few of our team members have attended WordCamp before (and still do) and have always come out of it with a great experience; from meeting new people, keeping current on the latest WordPress trends, and just enjoying the great community.

For that reason, we were happy to participate in this event’s community sponsorship which allowed us to send two lucky people to attend the event for free: Congratulations to the winners, Kenneth Melo, and Candice Davidson!

Candice Davidson is on the cusp of graduating from Wyncode Academy, where she studies Full Stack Development.

Kenneth Melo is co-organizer of the Miami Digital Marketing Meetup, and founder of Kopygenius dedicated to helping subject-matter experts, like C-suite executives and public speakers, build done-for-you product launch campaigns for their online courses that convert a list of email subscribers into paying customers and students. Kenneth fuses the wisdom of old school 1920’s “salesmanship-in-print” advertising with up-to-date digital marketing strategies to produce modern marketing that gets results.

Congratulations to both of them, and we hope to see them there!

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