WordPress Beats Drupal and Joomla

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In this video, our CEO Vincent Tobiaz talks with Igor Gorbenko from DigitalMarketing.Army about various (CMS) content management system software.

If you don’t know already, a content management system is software that is used to create and maintain digital content. One of the best parts of CMS software is that it gives regular people without HTML knowledge the ability to create, edit, and publish web pages with ease.

Here are three different CMS software that are discussed in the video –

WordPress: “It’s a popularity game in a sense. It has the most web developers, most themes, most free plugins… When it comes to resources helping you with your website, they have a huge market to choose from.” – Vincent

Drupal: “There are some things that Drupal and Joomla are said to be better at like mass community websites with a lot of different functionalities like forums.” – Vincent

Joomla: “Over on my bookshelf, right in the middle, collecting dust is my Joomla book. I got this back for a class in college 8 years ago. With this knowledge, I’ve really only worked on one Joomla website in my career. There’s just no demand for it.” – Vincent

WordPress is far more popular and it’s clear that Igor agrees with Vincent when he declares, “There is no way I’d make the decision to use Drupal or Joomla simply because there is not enough material for it.”

If you’re interested in learning more about WordPress, you can attend a Word Camp Event.


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