Writing Content To Generate Leads

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If you have a website or blog, and you want to know how to write content that will convert the traffic to leads, the first thing you need to do is to determine your target market. 

Make sure to research your audience and their goals. This will help you produce high-quality content. The second step is to analyze your sales process. Identify your customer’s pain points, and identify how your content can meet their needs. 

The goal of writing content is to attract your target audience and generate new leads.  It’s important to know your goals and understand your target market before you begin your marketing efforts in order to serve your audience’s needs. 

Once you understand your target audience and what they want, you can write compelling content to attract them. 

Writing Content

Creating relevant content that will greatly affect how you generate leads is the most important step in the lead generation process. 

 How to identify relevant content

One way to identify what relevant content is is by creating a buyer persona. It can be helpful to start with a name and add details that illustrate their worldview and what their needs are.

For example, Mary is a 30 something woman with two young children in middle school. She runs her own business, volunteers at a local charity, and makes time for her children every day. She’s committed to all her projects but sometimes struggles to keep up with everything. 

A house-cleaning service might use the profile of Mary to highlight aspects of the marketing that would appeal to Mary. They could mention how much time a house cleaner would open up for a busy professional. They could appeal to Mary’s family values by sharing how the cleaning business is family-owned and operated (assuming that it is). 

When possible it’s also very useful to include case studies and testimonials on  your website to increase the credibility of your business to potential clients. 



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