Digital Marketing for DUI Attorneys Is More Important Than You Think

Back in the days before Google and internet searches, getting DUI cases was relatively simple. When in need, someone would flip open the Yellow Pages and skim the listings for a name that stood out. Or they would simply dial the number on the first billboard that came into view.

The market today, however, is vastly different. A recent study showed that some groups have reached near-saturation with technology usage, with 9 out of 10 adults under 50 owning a smartphone or going online. When a person finds themselves in need of an attorney, the first place they turn to is the internet, most likely on their phones. There’s simply no escaping the need for digital marketing.

Online marketing for DUI attorneys is particularly important because clients are looking for someone he or she can trust. Reviews, top-of-mind awareness, and establishing a professional image online will determine whether a person in need calls your firm or moves on to someone else.

Be Where the Clients Are

Online searches are how people find information, research, and make decisions. Any business, large or small, must now rely extensively on digital marketing if they have any hope of succeeding in modern business. When a prospective client opens their web or mobile browser to find answers for a legal question or research DUI consequences, you need to be right there in the search results if you hope to get the case.

There are three main reasons why people turn to the internet when considering legal action:

  • To research what type of legal action they might need to take or to find out more information on legal consequences (like in the case of a DUI)
  • To find a list of qualified attorneys
  • To read reviews and browse attorney websites to determine if he or she is reputable

Individuals decide on a specific DUI attorney because he or she is top-of-mind. Gaining a strong presence online through PPC marketing (so you show up in search results) and by becoming a legal resource through sharing content on your website and social channels is key to raising awareness. You simply can’t gain the same level of interest from prospective clients through traditional marketing that you can from digital marketing. People place a lot of trust in DUI attorneys, so if you have a marketing strategy that instills trust and provides resources, clients will think of you first when in need.

Targeted Results

Unlike with traditional marketing where advertisements are broadcast to large audiences with various needs, digital marketing provides precise targeting. Your ads will only be shown to those who find them relevant to their situation. For DUI attorneys, in particular, online marketing is more effective at targeting people searching for help. The first thing someone with a DUI does is research what it is and how it will affect his or her life. If you can create educational content and promote it in the right places, traffic will be driven to your website, resulting in an increase of leads.

Marketing yourself online is also the best way to build meaningful relationships. Being able to look at reviews of your firm and read informative content is more effective than a billboard at influencing clients to choose you to handle their case.

If you’re a DUI attorney, you need to stay ahead of the game in order to survive. Creating a digital marketing strategy is essential for continuing to grow your practice in a time when most research is done online. Your clients are online searching for legal information right now. All you need to do is show up and be ready to advise them.

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