Is SEO Just Keywords?

SEO can be confusing and can sometimes seem like an exhausting maze when trying to understand all of the methods, best practices, etc.  SEO is short for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing a website, blog, article, or other content to give it increased visibility online.  Specifically, SEO helps to make your specific content show up higher in search results based upon certain searches using certain terms.  These specific terms are known as keywords when referring to SEO.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords, also referred to as key terms or key phrases, are specific words that users use to search for services or products on the internet.  An example of this would be typing in something such as “plumbers in Orlando” when searching for plumbing services in the Orlando area.  When searches like this are done, the only websites that will show up in search results are sites that contain the keywords mentioned.  A website that doesn’t have the words “plumbers” and “Orlando” on it will not show up in search results as the search engine will not relate it as being helpful to the user.  

How Keywords Help With SEO

Using keywords in your website’s content helps with search engine optimization as it directly impacts whether or not your site shows up in related searches.  The content on your website is crucial to your search engine rankings and is the first thing search engines look at when indexing your site.  It is highly recommended to have a professional copywriter write your website’s content as they are skilled in knowing how to optimally insert the correct keywords into your content.

SEO Is More Than Keywords

SEO goes beyond just keywords and website content, there are other methods and tools that need to be used in conjunction.  A few of these additional methods include on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and local SEO.  

  • On-Site SEO refers to not only keyword content on the website, but also links, images, and any other content aside from wording.
  • Off-Site SEO describes any content about your website, products, or services you provide that are listed in other places throughout the internet but links back to your website.
  • Local SEO refers to making sure that your site is listed on any local sources such as maps listings, review sites, and more.

All aspects of your SEO strategy need to work together in order to see results.  Good search engine optimization can make all the difference for your website, and then it can have a direct impact on your business’s revenue.  

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