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Calm Effect - Case Study - -
Organic Search Traffic
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From a starting point of several hundred, not from say, 100 to 214, in four months. 

Converting more traffic, deeply targeted users.
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Converting more traffic & targeted users.

Where we Excelled for Calm Effect

Medical Cannabis Doctor and Dispensary Directory

Calm Effect Case Study

Calm Effect is a company that specializes in helping customers relieve their pains and illnesses through the use of CBD and other natural products.  They do all of the heavy lifting for you by helping to find you a doctor in your state, as well as helping you get a prescription card and finding a dispensary near you with your necessary products.

Calm Effect contacted SEO Smooth looking for help specifically with their search engine optimization as they wanted to show up higher in search results.  They wanted to not only show up organically for potential customers, but they also wanted to buff up their website’s content as this also boosts SEO.  The content they had at the time was very little, so this was definitely a big job, but we were happy to take on the challenge.

What We Did

Our content writers went to work writing keyword specific content to help Calm Effect show up whenever users were searching for any of these keywords.  Once we felt their content was ramped up enough to the point that Google would recognize and index each of their website pages, it was time to begin on and off-site as well as technical SEO.  We increased Calm Effect’s website speed in order to create a better experience for their users but also ensure that Google would recognize their quick load time.

The Results

Increased Organic Search Traffic

Calm Effect saw a 107% increase in organic search traffic in only four short months.  This was due to our efforts in SEO including re-writing their content with keywords and the additional technical SEO efforts we made.

Higher Traffic Conversion

After we optimized Calm Effect’s website they saw an increase in traffic conversion, as they were converting more traffic than ever.  Overall they saw a 67% increase in traffic conversion where we were able to convert much more targeted users.

Better User Experience

Our additions to the site content, as well as the faster website load time, made for a completely improved user experience for Calm Effect’s users.  Since each user is a potential customer, it is imperative that they have a great interaction and experience when they come to your website.  This is the experience we created for all of Calm Effect’s users.

If you are experiencing the same frustrations with your website content or search engine presence, don’t hesitate to contact us today!
Calm Effect - Case Study - -

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