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Care Hope College is a specialized educational institution for Nursing, based in South Florida. With their online program, which was booming at the time of the Covid shutdowns. We were in need to diversify and improve the traffic to the inquiry CTAs and/or registration page while improving UX for better conversion and quality of leads. We improved class enrollment inquiries and registrations. To increase its reach and bring in more students, Care Hope College wanted to invest in SEO and PPC services.


Care Hope College had WordPress and also a rare Content Management System (CMS) Admin area which needed a few custom solutions. The front-facing website needed to improve low visibility on search engines, and few prospects, and needed to increase its registrations.

What We Did

Our team at SEO Smooth worked with Care Hope College to create a comprehensive Education SEO, PPC, and Facebook Marketing strategy to increase their website traffic and reach more prospects. We conducted keyword research to identify the right keywords to target, optimized the website for SEO, implemented a PPC campaign on Google Ads, and managed a Facebook ads campaign.

The Results

Through the implementation of a comprehensive SEO and PPC strategy, Care Hope College not only realized but surpassed its objectives, witnessing a remarkable transformation in its online presence and performance metrics. Our collaborative efforts strategically targeted key areas, propelling the college towards unprecedented success.

Over the span of a year, the results were nothing short of impressive. The impact was not just limited to mere numerical growth; it was a holistic enhancement of the institution’s digital footprint. Care Hope College experienced a phenomenal 350% year-over-year surge in both search and social traffic, showcasing the effectiveness of the tailored strategies employed.

The surge in traffic was not just about numbers; it translated into tangible outcomes. The college witnessed a substantial 329% year-over-year increase in prospects, demonstrating a heightened engagement level with the target audience. This surge in prospective students was not just a quantitative win; it was indicative of a resonating connection with the college’s offerings.

The financial implications of our collaborative efforts were equally notable. Care Hope College observed a notable decrease in costs associated with online marketing efforts, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective approach. This translated into a higher return on investment, underlining the efficacy of the implemented strategies.

Beyond the quantitative success, there was a qualitative transformation in Care Hope College’s online identity. The institution not only attracted more visitors but also fostered a robust brand presence. The increased visibility on search engines contributed not only to the numbers game but also to establishing the college as a recognizable and reputable entity in the digital space.

To visualize the journey, a compelling organic traffic chart was created, illustrating the growth trajectory from a modest 150 weekly visits to a substantial 600 visits over the course of the year. This graphical representation not only serves as a testament to the tangible outcomes but also as a roadmap of success for Care Hope College’s future digital endeavors.

In summary, our SEO and PPC strategy didn’t just meet expectations; it exceeded them. The remarkable surge in website traffic, the substantial increase in prospects, the reinforced brand presence, and the enhanced return on investment collectively position Care Hope College as a digital success story, setting the stage for continued growth and prominence in the competitive online landscape.

A Organic Traffic Chart Reflecting The Growth From 150 To 600 Weekly Visits, Over The Course Of A Year.
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