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Our team helped craft a content marketing and SEO strategy that helped Barnard Chiropractic win big in his service area, attracting new clients with organic search and social media. View some of our posts here that helped drive more new patient sign ups for Dr. Barnard.

Our Chiropractic SEO campaign helped put Barnard Chiropractic on the map for all of his service keywords, including his most important: West Palm Beach Chiropractor. View our exceptional results here to the left.

Barnard Chiropractic, Health, Sports & Wellness is a chiropractic practice serving the communities of Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter, Florida.  They came to us looking for help in various areas of digital marketing as a means to gain new patients.  After reviewing their website, search visibility and overall content, our team at SEO Smooth made a few valuable recommendations.  

What We Did

SEO Smooth recommended that Barnard Chiropractic allow our team of expert digital marketers to manage their website, content marketing and social media marketing strategy.  We made improvements to the content of Barnard Chiropractic’s website in order to help their Chiropractic SEO and website visibility.  Additionally, we used a social media marketing strategy with posts that highlight the variety of services that  Barnard Chiropractic offers and how they help their patients.

The Results

Increased Number Of Patients

The team at SEO Smooth successfully helped Barnard Chiropractic gain more patients through both our social media strategy as well as content marketing.  Our strategy with social media was to utilize hashtags and create a combination of informative and casual or funny posts to engage with potential patients.  We consistently post to both the Facebook and Instagram pages every couple of days. The strategy behind this was to be sure that Barnard Chiropractic is staying in front of their audience and keeping people informed of how important and beneficial chiropractic care is for overall health.  This resulted in an increase in new patient sign ups for appointments.

Better Search Engine Visibility

Content marketing played a large role in helping Barnard Chiropractic to enhance their search engine visibility.  Our team posted on social media consistently as detailed, and also published a blog each month on their website, ensuring that keywords were used throughout each blog that helped to increase traffic to their site organically.  When businesses see better search engine visibility it has a direct effect on the number of customers that are able find their website.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Dr. Barnard made it clear to our team that he really wanted to focus on the search term “West Palm Beach Chiropractor”.  We succeeded in putting Barnard Chiropractic on the map in his local service areas for a variety of key search terms, including his most important term.  The improved search engine results contributed toward Barnard Chiropractic seeing an increase in the number of new patient forms.  

SEO Smooth can happily help your business achieve similar results, whether for Chiropractic SEO or another industry. Contact us today to get started!

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