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Where we Excelled for Cutler Integrative Medicine

Our Strong Points – Cutler Integrative Medicine came to us with a pre-existing AdWords Express campaign they didn’t even know they had running, saving thousands per year! After that, we created a Google Ads campaign that produces a CPA well below average, with quality leads for various services.

Cutler Integrative Medicine is a holistic medical practice located in Bingham Farms, Michigan.  They are a premier health and wellness center, focused on naturopathic medicine and natural approaches to improving their patient’s health.  Cutler Integrative Medicine came to us with a pre-existing Adwords Express campaign that they didn’t even know existed!  Once hiring our team at SEO Smooth, Cutler Integrative Medicine began saving thousands immediately with our new approach.

What We Did

Our pay-per-click advertising team got to work creating a Google Ads campaign that produced a CPA well below the industry average.  Cutler Integrative Medicine began receiving quality leads for their various services almost immediately. The enhancements to their pay-per-click strategy in turn helped to organically improve their search engine optimization, which was our next project.

The talented specialists at SEO Smooth worked on Cutler Integrative Medicine’s on-site, off-site and local SEO in order to help them show up higher in search engine results.  These efforts allowed their practice to be found by those searching for the services they offer using key search phrases and search engine analysis of how frequently they are searched.  This brought additional patients to the practice as those searching for holistic medicine and natural approaches were able to find Cutler Integrative Medicine easily and quickly.

The Results

More Patients

Cutler Integrative Medicine saw a rise in patient appointments due directly to our efforts in both pay-per-click and search engine optimization.  Our targeted social media ads helped to expose their practice to new users who otherwise might not have found their practice.

Increased Visibility Online

The search engine optimization work done by our team at SEO Smooth really helped Cutler Integrative Medicine to have a presence online.  Key search terms were utilized in our SEO to help the practice show up higher in search results whenever someone was searching for services related to them.

Improved Patient Experience Online

Patients benefited greatly from both our PPC and SEO work on Cutler Integrative Medicine’s website as it improved their online experience with the practice.  Using keywords that are known to be searched by patients looking for naturopathic healthcare were able to find Cutler Integrative Medicine with ease.

If you are interested in seeing similar results for your business, or if you have frustrations with your website design, SEO or social media management don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Cutler Integrative Medicine - Case Study - -

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