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FACE Skincare Medical Wellness Case Study

FACE Skincare Medical Wellness is a med spa located in Bingham Hills, Michigan, and serves the areas of Oakland and Macomb county.  They provide a variety of medical spa treatments and services including fillers, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and more. FACE came to us with a variety of pain points, including wanting a new website as well as social media ads to help bring new patients through the door.  

What We Did

The web development team at SEO Smooth redesigned the website and made edits that added content as well as design elements.  A few of these edits included a new gallery, a blog, updated linking structures, and more.  Once the website was updated, we got to work creating an SEO strategy specifically for FACE that we knew would help optimize the website and bring new patients.

After analyzing keywords that would bring patients in for the specific services that FACE offers, we put together content on the website that aligned perfectly for optimal search results.  Additionally, we sought to bring them even more exposure through social media ads on Facebook and Google.

The Results

Increased Visibility

Due to all aspects of our marketing efforts,  FACE Skincare Medical Wellness saw increased visibility across the board.  The SEO strategy brought several new leads to the website in an organic way because FACE was now showing up much higher in search results.  This increase in visibility resorted in an improved return on investment for FACE.

Better Engagement

The social media paid ads, as well as the Google ads, really helped FACE to see better engagement with both their website and their social media pages.  Our team really centered these ads around the services that FACE told us they wanted to market.  This made the level of engagement rise because the quality of the leads was now dramatically increased.

Improved Targeting

The enhanced capabilities of Facebook ads allowed our team at SEO Smooth to focus on targeting the best potential customers for FACE.  We were able to design campaigns that focused on certain geographical areas that FACE serves, as well as the interests of those being shown the ads.  Due to our expert targeting, we were able to save FACE thousands of dollars in ad spend by showing their ads to the right people.

If you are experiencing the same frustrations with your website, search engine results or social media paid ads, contact SEO Smooth today!

Face Skincare~Medical~Wellness - Case Study - -

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