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Facebook Ads for Financial Advisors

CQ Financial Consulting was founded by Chris Quintana, an experienced financial strategist, estate planner, real estate investor, philanthropist and best selling author.  When CQ Financial Consulting came to us, their main goal was to increase their leads.  SEO Smooth’s marketing team went to work right away developing a plan to help CQ Financial Consulting achieve success.

What We Did

Our team thought long and hard about what solution would work best to bring quality leads to CQ Financial Consulting.  We determined that a Facebook ad campaign for financial advisors specifically built to target customers that fit the customers CQ Financial Consulting already knew benefited from their services would work best.  SEO Smooth’s marketing team put together a combination of Facebook ads and Google ads in order to drive traffic both to the Facebook page and the website.

The Results

Increased Leads

CQ Financial Consulting was able to gain 173 leads within the first two months of the new ads running.  Typically, new ad campaigns need at least 90 days to gauge whether or not they will be successful however this campaign proved successful within the first 60 days. This type of success is indicative of the amount of time and research that was put into developing the strategy behind the ads that were created.

Better Quality Leads

Aside from the increased number of leads, CQ Financial Consulting also saw a better quality of leads coming through the pipeline due to the Facebook and Google ads created by our team.  This better quality lead allowed CQ Financial Consulting to have peace of mind knowing that not only were leads coming in, but that those leads were more likely qualified and had a better chance of turning into actual business. Over time, there is continued room to 

Increased Visibility Overall

It goes without saying that ads help to put a business in front of potential customers, but it should also be taken into consideration that ads help to increase a business’s overall visibility.  Despite whether or not the people seeing the ads are currently potential customers or not, they may become one at some point. SEO Smooth’s ads helped to increase CQ Financial Consulting’s overall visibility which in turn helps branding and business marketing.

If you are looking to increase your leads, improve the quality of leads and increase your overall visibility don’t hesitate to reach out to us today, our team is on standby and cannot wait to discuss possibilities with you!

Cq Financial Consulting - Case Study - -
Cq Financial Consulting - Case Study - -

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