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Targeting Florida’s Portuguese-speaking Brazilian Population

Florida Health Agency

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Florida Health Agency is a prominent health insurance provider offering expert, independent assistance to individuals in finding the highest-quality health insurance and Medicare Plans in Florida. Recognizing the significance of a robust online presence, they partnered with SEO Smooth, a leading SEO for insurance companies. Enhance their health insurance agency SEO strategies, and also create an effective and economically efficient Meta Facebook, Instagram and What’s App ads campaign and tap into the Brazilian-Portuguese market.


The primary goal was to increase the online visibility of Florida Health Agency, targeting a specific audience in the Brazilian-Portuguese market. This involved improving keyword rankings, increasing website traffic, and creating a cost-effective campaign Portuguese ads for Meta.

Social Media Ad Strategy

Health Insurance Agency Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads using lead ads forms with spectacular results. Whatsapp did not have this capability at the time, 2019, and company got purchased two years later, but we’re certain if it did, it might have lowered the CPL even more than $3.50 each lead. The leads were fairly well qualified, much more than typical Lead Ad Forms, and we only asked 4 questions. These Lead Form Ads we used are the ads one sees where some of your basic name and contact information is already filled out in a form after you click the ad in Facebook or Instagram. Adding one more question created a quality of lead typically not seen in Lead Form Ads. 

Health Insurance Agency Seo &Amp; Facebook Ads

Insurance SEO Services

SEO Smooth conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current Florida Health Agency SEO strategy. The focus was on optimizing the website content for relevant keywords, improving site architecture, and implementing off-page strategies to enhance the website’s authority.

Florida Health Agency SEO

  1. Keyword Optimization: SEO Smooth identified key terms relevant to the Brazilian-Portuguese market and strategically incorporated them into the website content. This helped improve search engine rankings for these specific keywords.

  2. Content Enhancement: The agency worked on optimizing existing content and creating new, informative pieces tailored to the needs and interests of the target audience. This not only improved SEO but also enhanced the overall user experience.

  3. Localized SEO Strategies: Recognizing the importance of local search, SEO Smooth implemented strategies specifically designed to boost visibility in the Brazilian-Portuguese market. This included localized content, backlinks from relevant Brazilian-Portuguese websites, and geographically targeted SEO tactics.

  4. Technical SEO Improvements: The agency conducted a thorough audit of the website’s technical elements, ensuring that it met the latest SEO standards. This included improving site speed, mobile responsiveness, and fixing any technical issues that might hinder search engine performance.

Major Improvements:

  • The SEO campaign executed by SEO Smooth yielded remarkable results for Florida Health Agency:

    • Traffic Surge: The website experienced a staggering 422.4% increase in new users, indicating a significant influx of potential customers.

    • Session Growth: Website sessions also saw an impressive boost, with a 321.8% increase. This highlighted the success of the campaign in attracting and engaging the target audience.

    • Keyword Ranking: Florida Health Agency achieved higher rankings for key terms relevant to the Brazilian-Portuguese market, resulting in increased visibility among the intended audience.

Florida Health Agency Seo- Case Study - -


Even after the conclusion of the SEO campaign, Florida Health Agency continued to benefit from the improved online visibility. The increased organic traffic contributed to sustained growth in brand awareness and customer engagement.

SEO Smooth’s meticulous and strategic approach to Florida Health Agency’s Social Media Ads & SEO wielded transformative results for Florida Health Agency’s digital landscape. Through a comprehensive optimization strategy, the agency not only enhanced the website’s visibility but orchestrated a seismic shift in online engagement. The campaign’s impact was profound, leading to a substantial surge in website traffic that exceeded expectations.

In addition to the impressive traffic influx, SEO Smooth achieved noteworthy success in elevating the client’s keyword rankings. By fine-tuning the website’s content and implementing targeted SEO tactics, the agency propelled Florida Health Agency to new heights in search engine results. This not only bolstered the agency’s online presence but also positioned them prominently in front of their target audience.

What sets this campaign apart is its ability to surpass the initial expectations of Florida Health Agency. The results were not just satisfactory; they were a testament to the efficacy of SEO Smooth’s digital marketing strategies. The campaign didn’t merely meet predefined goals; it surpassed them, illustrating the tremendous potential of a well-executed health insurance agency Facebook Ad & SEO strategy in expanding reach and fostering sustained business growth.

In essence, SEO Smooth’s success with the Florida Health Agency underscores the transformative power of digital marketing when precision, strategy, and industry expertise converge. The campaign serves as a compelling case study, showcasing how a strategic digital approach can redefine online visibility, attract a relevant audience, and lay the foundation for long-term success in a competitive digital landscape.

Florida Health Agency Seo- Case Study - -

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