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Full Circle Health Az - Case Study - -
Search Engine Unique Users

Thousands in Organic Search traffic after year one

Increase In Calls
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Month over month since Call Tracking Implementation

Where we Excelled for Full Circle Health AZ

Our Strong Points

Working along with a colleague close to the Doctor as well as other stakeholders, we substantially increased search and website traffic year over year, after one year. Through extensive on-page optimizations, off-page, and local SEO – it’s been a strong success.

Full Circle Health is a medical provider located in Mesa, Arizona.  They provide a wide range of medical, weight loss and aesthetic services to their patients, using both natural supplements as well as pharmaceuticals.  Full Circle Health specializes in taking a wholistic approach to medicine by recognizing that all functions of the body work together and focuses on improving their patient’s overall health and happiness.

When Full Circle Health came to us, they were looking for an approach similar to what they offer to their patients; solutions that helped their business as a whole.  They wanted to see an increase in calls and patients, drive new patients to the site with increased online visibility, create more informative and consistent content for SEO, and round that off with a great social media presence.

What We Did

The SEO Smooth team began by ensuring that Full Circle Health was set up correctly with Google My Business, and that their information was consistently updated monthly to create visibility and relevancy in their industry.  We also installed call tracking to help Full Circle Health better manage the calls that weren’t turning into patients and why.  At the same time, we worked behind the scenes to change some of the existing pages on their website, in addition to adding new ones to bring more content to their website for both SEO purposes and user friendliness.  Our SEO specialists not only used on-page optimizations such as these while also including off-page and local SEO strategies. 

Once our team had these elements in place, we moved into creating monthly content for Full Circle Health’s website and social media. We ran specific social media ad campaigns in order to target services they were looking see an increase in providing, while pairing that with writing monthly blog pages on their websites surrounding commonly asked questions that patients have about different procedures and services. 

The Results

Increase In Calls

Full Circle Health saw a total increase of 333% in calls month over month after our team implemented call tracking.  Call tracking allowed Full Circle Health to evaluate and better train their staff in certain instances to improve patient retention while also improving the overall patient experience.

Increase In Patients

The increase in phone calls and subsequent improvements in staff training surrounding phone calls resulted in an increase in patients.  Full Circle Health saw patient appointments increase month over month, due largely to SEO Smooth’s efforts. 

Increase In Website Traffic 

Full Circle Health’s website traffic increased substantially with our team’s strategies in place. Specifically, they saw a 61% increase in search engine unique users, or individual users that found Full Circle Health’s website just by searching online.  This can be attributed to the work we did with their website content as well as on and off-site SEO efforts as a whole.

If your business is looking for similar results, or has the same frustrations with website visibility, search engine results, or social media presence, contact SEO Smooth for a  consultation today!  

Full Circle Health Az - Case Study - -

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