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Genesis Home Restorations - Case Study - -
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Genesis Home Restoration Case Study

Genesis Home Restorations is a family-owned business that specializes in using only natural and green solutions to remove harmful odors, allergens, and mold.  Serving the greater Kansas City area, Genesis Home Restorations offers services ranging from air quality testing, mold remediation, and water damage restoration.

Genesis Home Restorations came to us looking for help to improve their online presence through organic search engine optimization, paid ads, fresh content and social media management.  

What We Did

We took a wholistic approach to Genesis Home Restorations’ online presence and got to work right away.  The first thing our team at SEO Smooth did was to setup analytics and tracking to be able to show our client their results as we did work over time.  We then began their initial SEO and PPC work, both aimed at getting Genesis Home Restorations to show up higher in search results and reach their target market more effectively. 

After hours of both on-site and off-site SEO work, we began setting up social media channels for Genesis Home Restorations.  Immediately following this we began writing monthly blog articles as yet another way to generate exposure and also to help with search engine optimization.

The Results

Enhanced Visibility

Genesis Home Restorations saw a huge difference in their online presence and overall visibility online once our team at SEO Smooth began implementing our strategy.  Our SEO work specifically resulted in a 24X organic search engine visibility, allowing Genesis Home Restorations to rank in the top three search results for several targeted keywords.

Reduced Lead Cost

The combination of paid ads on both Google and Bing, as well as our SEO efforts, and CRO (conversion rate optimization) altogether resulted in hundreds of leads for Genesis Home Restorations.  We were able to bring their overall lead cost down to $37 per lead, which was a 73% savings compared to what they were paying per lead before coming to SEO Smooth.

Increase In Traffic

Genesis Home Restorations saw an increase in traffic that not only boosted their business overall, but also brought them customers that were more aligned with their services.  The traffic that we were able to bring to Genesis Home Restorations was traffic that had clicked on either a paid ad for their services specifically or they found Genesis organically due to our SEO efforts for specific keywords.

If you are looking for a team to help with your SEO, online presence, visibility, and want an increase in qualified leads, contact us for a consultation today!

Genesis Home Restorations - Case Study - -

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