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Green Apple Entertainment Case Study

Green Apple Entertainment is an entertainment company that helps local filmmakers reach a larger audience.  The company was founded by a film industry veteran, Tim Warren, a past executive at film companies such as MGM Studios and Lionsgate Studios.  Green Apple Entertainment specializes in helping filmmakers distribute their content to television networks, streaming platforms and more.

When Green Apple Entertainment came to us they were looking for help with increasing film viewership as well as help generating qualified leads for their business.  Their goals were to generate more revenue with the qualified leads, and to successfully increase film viewership for their clients.

If you need video plays on YouTube and other video websites, or music plays, our formula is designed to assist to produce these views and gain a greater number of revenue back from these websites.

What We Did

Our advertising team put together a paid ad strategy involving running Google ads for Green Apple Entertainment to help meet their goals.  We used targeted keywords as well as audience targeting to ensure they were reaching the right people.  Our goals were to help Green Apple Entertainment generate more revenue with qualified leads as well as increase their overall film viewership.  

The Results

Increased Film Viewership

SEO Smooth’s strategy achieved increased film viewership by 33% through paid ads using effective keywords and targeted audiences.  This film viewership increase allowed for Green Apple Entertainment to, in turn, show their clients better success.  This paid ads campaign also helped to generate an increase in overall revenue as a direct result of the increased film viewership.

Qualified Leads

The paid ads strategy we employed to market Green Apple Entertainment succeeded in generating quality leads for their business.  Our Google ads helped to distribute films to highly sought after streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and more.

Goals & KPI’s Met

We strategized with Green Apple Entertainment to meet their goals within 90-180 days, including specify Key Performance Indicators, or KPI’s.  The SEO Smooth marketing team achieved these goals by increasing film viewership and generating qualified leads for their company.  Our paid ads were a success due to our talented and knowledgable team using keyword research, in addition to honing in on a specific audience of people.

If you are experiencing the same frustrations that Green Apple Entertainment was with looking to increase visibility as well as generate more qualified leads, contact SEO Smooth today!  

Green Apple Entertainment - Case Study - -

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