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Our Strong Points – Multiple stakeholders and segmented departments created a complex problem for Bauman Medical. SEO Smooth helped impact the bottom line nearly immediately and analyzed complex reporting data and put it in a digestible format that the client could easily understand.

Bauman Medical is a hair restoration clinic located in Boca Raton, Florida.  This medical practice focuses on hair transplant surgery as well as other restorative methods for overall scalp and hair health.  SEO Smooth took on the task of creating a paid advertising campaign to help improve Bauman Medical’s cost per conversion and help them to gain more patients. 

What We Did

The team of experts at SEO Smooth looked into Bauman Medical and its operating structure.  We noticed right away that due to multiple stakeholders and segmented departments, Bauman Medical was having a hard time keeping track of all expenses including the cost of each lead.  Our team decided that running a paid advertising campaign and improving their hair transplant SEO for their website would benefit Bauman Medical in organizing their costs as well as helping them to figure out how much they were paying for each conversion.

The Results

Decreased Cost Per Conversion

We yielded results in decreasing the cost per conversion for Bauman Medical within the first thirty days of running our paid ad campaign.  Specifically, we were able to deliver a 25% decrease in cost per conversion which impacted their bottom line directly.  At SEO Smooth we love seeing results that allow small businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Improved Search Engine Visibility

Search engine visibility is important for all businesses, but it is especially important when a business has a specific niche, as Bauman Medical does.  Our team of knowledgeable search engine optimization specialists went to work optimizing Bauman Medical’s website to ensure that all descriptions and key phrases necessary were being used across the site.  These optimization efforts improved search engine visibility across search engines to ensure that Bauman Medical was showing up in search results regarding hair restoration.

Increase In Conversion Rate

Converting potential customers into loyal patients is the goal for all medical practices, but we helped to make it a reality for Bauman Medical.  The team at SEO Smooth increased conversion rates by 66% by creating a better-targeted audience for the medical practice and their hair transplant SEO performance.  At SEO Smooth, our talented account managers know exactly how to target the ideal customer for our clients.  This is exactly what we did for Bauman Medical by compiling research with feedback from the medical practice and their experience.  

SEO Smooth is always readily available to help your business improve your conversion rate or decrease your cost per conversion, contact us today to get started.

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