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Handy Man at your Command Case Study

Handyman At Your Command provides handyman services to residents throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  Their services range from plumbing to painting, and beyond. As a company they strive to provide excellent customer service and top quality work to each of their customers.  

Handyman At Your Command came to SEO Smooth wanting to run a new Facebook ad campaign, and begin ongoing SEO efforts in order to improve visibility online as well as overall site speed.

What We Did

Our social media team designed an effective Facebook ad campaign where we mapped out a sales funnel, and began testing ads to key audiences to determine what would work best.  These key audiences were identified as those that would be most likely to convert into customers for Handyman At Your Command.

Additionally, our SEO team began performing search engine optimization on the backend of their website, handycommand.com in order to improve certain aspects.  Specifically our experts analyzed their website to find opportunities to optimize areas where users could be converted into leads or active customers.

The Results

Converted Audience Into Customers

Handyman At Your Command began seeing results from the Facebook ads we were running in only the first few weeks.  Our targeted ads used compelling content and graphics that actively converted key audience members into leads and customers. This  produced a 100% decrease their cost per conversion in about 4 months, and 180% increase in conversions in 2 months.

Improved Website Functionality

Their website needed optimization in order to load faster, and improve its linking structure to help with SEO efforts.  These improvements helped the overall SEO of the site, but also improved the overall customer experience.  These optimizations improved website functionality and the health of website in general.

Increased Online Visibility

The overall online visibility for handycommand.com increased due to our SEO efforts, and the increase in site traffic from the Facebook ads.  This increase in visibility helped contribute to Handyman At Your Command’s increase in customers being able to find them organically.

If you are experiencing the same frustrations with your website, search engine results or social media paid ads, contact SEO Smooth today!  

Handy Man At Your Command - Case Study - -
Handy Man At Your Command - Case Study - -

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