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Law Ruler - Case Study - -
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Law Ruler is a legal CRM that helps to expand law firm business, and allows firms to track leads, grow prospects, and gain clients. SEO Smooth, SaaS SEO Agency, with PPC and Social Media services we implemented for this SaaS (software-as-a-service) for law firms needed help finding a way to market themselves to prospective clients and grow their business. One of our favorite but bittersweet success stories every time we hear it with clients, this SaaS B2B business ended up having a successful exit and the company got purchased from a offer.

What We Did

Our team went to work putting together a strategy for Law Ruler that would help them gain exposure and reach more law firms that could benefit from their services. First, SEO Smooth’s marketing team employed a paid ad strategy both on Google as well as Facebook in order to get Law Ruler in front of more people.  Additionally, Law Ruler had a previous campaign they were running and our team realized there was a need for improved tracking which we implemented.

The SEO Smooth social media team also put a strategy together for Law Ruler.  We created content for them in order to improve organic social media presence. Our Facebook ads strategy also aimed at contributing to their overall social media branding and engagement.

SaaS B2B PPC and SEO Results

Increased Conversions

Law Ruler saw an increase in conversions from both improved tracking capabilities, and our paid ads. The Google and Facebook ads that our team created increased Law Ruler’s conversion rate by 15% overall.  This meant that more law firms who could use Law Ruler’s services were seeing their ads, and were compelled enough to click on them and eventually become customers. This increase in conversions lead to increased sales for Law Ruler.

Increased Social Engagement 

The Facebook ads, paired with the organic content our team created and posted on a regular basis increased social engagement for Law Ruler. Specifically, Law Ruler’s social engagement increased 33% due to our efforts. This increase lead to better branding for Law Ruler, allowing them to become more well-known and improved brand identity.

Improved Online Presence

Law Ruler experienced improved online presence overall due to the combined strategies of paid ads and social media marketing. Their improved visibility created a better user experience, and the social media contributed to social signals for search.  The cohesive brand experience that our efforts created also contributed to the improved online presence Law Ruler gained.

If you are looking to improve your conversion rate, social engagement, and overall online presence, contact SEO Smooth today!

Law Ruler - Case Study - -

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