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Based in Philadelphia and New Jersey, Bridge Cable is a provider of network cabling services. They provide a range of cabling services, such as fiber cable installation, structured cable installation, and network data installation. Despite having a website, they were not receiving a lot of visitors or leads from it.


Bridge Cable contacted us for assistance with enhancing their online presence and raising their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). In order to enhance engagement with their content, draw more potential customers to their website, and ultimately produce more leads.


In order to accomplish these objectives, we used a variety of technical SEO strategies, such as content management, website optimization, and enhancements. Particularly, we

  • Conducted keyword research to find the most beneficial and pertinent keywords to use as content targets for Bridge Cable.
  • Developed and released fresh, excellent content that was optimized for the chosen keywords on the Bridge Cable website. This comprised FAQs, service pages, and blog entries.
  • Enhanced the user experience (UX) of the website by making it more logical and simple to use. This included speeding up page loads, ensuring that the website was mobile-responsive, and optimizing the style and layout.
  • Built the website with high-quality backlinks, which increased its authority and helped it rank better in SERPs.


Over the course of a year, we were able to increase visitors to Bridge Cable’s website by 400% because to our SEO services. For Bridge Cable, the increase in traffic resulted in more leads and more clients.

All things considered, our SEO services assisted Bridge Cable in developing a stronger online presence, enhancing their search engine results, and boosting their leads and sales. We were able to assist them in achieving their objectives and expanding their business by putting into place a thorough content management, website optimization, and enhancement strategy.

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