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986 Labs Case Study

Rising in the pandemic, we did Medical Device PPC for 986 Labs. They are a company that has developed temperature scanners to help businesses keep their employees and workplace safe and sanitized.  This is done using automated temperature screening kiosks and patent pending on-screen health questionnaires.  These devices are all in one, do not involve any contact, the scans take less than one second and they are virtually plug and play without much training needed.  

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, a contactless way to quickly scan a person for signs of illness is more necessary than ever to keep employers and employees safe and healthy.  986 Labs needed help with their marketing to get these much needed products in front of the right customers.  

What We Did

SEO Smooth’s team of experts decided on a strategy that would employ a two pronged approach, using both paid ads and organic search engine optimization (SEO).  The paid ad campaign on Google was built to target the necessary demographic of those that might need these important devices.  Simultaneously, our team implemented an SEO campaign to ensure that 986 Lab’s website would show up organically in search results for specific keywords. Together, these two methods worked wonderfully together in creating strong results for 986 Labs. 

The Results

Return on Investment

986 Labs saw a 300% rate of return on the money that was spent on the paid Google ads campaign.  This shows that the SEO Smooth team was able to effectively design ads using keywords and phrases that successfully attracted potential customers.  Our team watched these ads and fine-tuned them and critiqued any necessary details to enhance their performance.  Overall, the paid ads performed very well and did their job of converting a click into an actual paying customer. 

Increased Visibility

The SEO campaign that our team executed was very successful in increasing organic search traffic to 986 Lab’s website.  Specifically, 986 Labs saw a 500% increase in their organic search traffic.  This mean that due to SEO Smooth’s efforts, 986 Lab’s website was able to grow their organic traffic tremendously. 

If you are having similar struggles, and want to increase your conversions as well as your visibility, give us a call today.  One of our talented team members would be happy to talk about your business goals and see how we can help you to get results! 

986 Labs - Case Study - -
986 Labs - Case Study - -

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