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PUR Attitude

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PUR attitude (PURattitude.com)is a waterless skin care brand that creates products without water, reducing the need for preservatives and making their products more sustainable. When the brand approached our digital marketing agency, they were looking for help to increase their online sales and brand awareness.



When we started working with PUR attitude, we identified several challenges that needed to be addressed. The brand had a good website, but it wasn’t optimized for conversions. The product descriptions were too long, and important items like “add to cart” buttons were not prominent enough. Additionally, the brand lacked social proof, which made it difficult to gain the trust of potential customers.



To address these challenges, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for PUR attitude. We started by optimizing their website for conversions. We re-laid out the website’s design to make it more user-friendly, especially on mobile devices. We also made sure that the most important elements, such as the “add to cart” button, were prominently displayed.


Next, we focused on building social proof for the brand. We started with an entry-level sample product and ran a Facebook ad campaign that targeted a specific audience interested in natural, sustainable skincare products. The ad campaign started small but gradually grew as we received positive feedback and engagement in the form of likes, shares, and follows.


The results of our digital marketing campaign for PUR attitude were impressive. The optimized website and improved user experience led to a significant increase in online sales. The Facebook ad campaign also performed well, with engagement rates exceeding industry benchmarks. The campaign also helped to build a strong social media presence for the brand, which in turn increased brand awareness and customer trust.


Working with PUR attitude was an exciting project for our digital marketing agency. By optimizing their website for conversions and building social proof through a successful Facebook ad campaign, we were able to significantly improve the brand’s online presence and increase their sales. The results of this project demonstrate the power of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which can drive significant results for any brand willing to invest in it.

Pur Attitude - Case Study - -
Pur Attitude - Case Study - -

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