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Sawgrass Recreation Park

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Sawgrass Recreation Park ( a family-maintained state park in Broward County. The park provides various outdoor activities, including airboat rides, animal encounters, and Everglades tours. Despite being a well-established business, Sawgrass Recreation Park faced issues with their website, including confusing pricing, broken links, and slow loading times. As a result, they reached out to SEO Smooth for assistance.


Before SEO Smooth’s intervention, Sawgrass Recreation Park’s website was confusing and slow, which led to a poor user experience. The website had broken links, making it difficult for visitors to navigate the site and find the information they needed. Additionally, pricing was confusing and not clearly displayed, causing frustration for visitors trying to plan their visit.


To address these challenges, SEO Smooth worked to improve the website’s user experience. They fixed dozens of usability issues, including confusing pricing, broken links, and slow loading times. Additionally, they converted the website from ASP.Net to WordPress, which helped improve the website’s speed and performance.


SEO Smooth’s intervention resulted in a significant increase in revenue for Sawgrass Recreation Park. Within six months, they were able to increase their already respectable revenue base by 300%. This increase was calculated by comparing the same month’s revenue from the previous year to the current month.

By improving the website’s usability, SEO Smooth helped Sawgrass Recreation Park attract more visitors and improve their conversion rates. Additionally, by optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs), SEO Smooth helped the park further up the funnel, resulting in increased efficiency and more revenue.


In conclusion, by working to improve Sawgrass Recreation Park’s website, SEO Smooth was able to increase the park’s revenue by 300%. Their intervention addressed usability issues, including confusing pricing, broken links, and slow loading times. By optimizing KPIs, SEO Smooth helped the park improve efficiency and increase revenue. These results demonstrate the importance of prioritizing user experience and website performance to drive business growth.

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Sawgrass Recreation Park - Case Study - -

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