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Seo For Dermatologist - Case Study - -

Dermatologist SEO

Our Strong Points

Cosmetic Skin is a dermatologist office with three locations in Englewood, Old Bridge and Jersey City, New Jersey.  They offer various services including, but not limited to, chemical peels, tattoo removal, vein therapy, botox, cool-sculpting and more.  Cosmetic Skin contacted us as they were having trouble showing up in search results for potential patients.   Our team analyzed the Cosmetic Skin website and determined that they could definitely benefit from SEO Smooth’s search engine optimization services.(

What We Did

The search engine optimization experts at SEO Smooth worked on the SEO for Cosmetic Skin.  Our overall goal was to improve their visibility online and help them show up for those searching for services that Cosmetic Skin offers.  We took a full-circle approach by tackling all aspects of their SEO.

Our specialists worked on Cosmetic Skin’s on-site, off-site and local SEO.  We developed keyword specific content to help their website when being indexed by search engines.  Additionally, we worked on Cosmetic Skin’s off-site and local SEO by ensuring that their website and office information was listed on all local listing websites.

The Results

More Dermatology Patients

Cosmetic Skin saw an increase in their dermatology patients for a variety of their services after we began implementing our proven SEO for medical practice strategies.  This spike in patients was a direct result of our SEO work as their website was now showing up much higher in search results for services they offer.   

Increased Visibility

Our search engine optimization work increased Cosmetic Skin’s visibility across all search engines, which in turn brought them more patients.  Increased visibility can only be achieved through continuous, monthly search engine optimization both on and off site.  

Improved Website Interactions

SEO for medical practices is an effective way to earn more patients. The SEO efforts made by our team improved Cosmetic Skin’s overall website interactions by assisting users in finding the specific information they were looking for when they began their search.  Improving website interactions is just another benefit that helped both the business and the patients function well together and produce a favorable experience online.   

If you are interested in seeing similar results for your business, or if you have frustrations with your website design, SEO or social media management don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

Seo For Dermatologist - Case Study - -

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