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Homepage Of Dan Madeley Insurance That We Ran A Successful Seo For Insurance Agents Campaign For

Dan Madeley Insurance and Financial Services is a life insurance agency located in Houston, Texas.  Dan Madeley is a licensed life insurance agent who focuses on bringing his expertise and financial advice to his clients.  They contacted SEO Smooth looking for a way to show up more organically for potential customers online.

Our team evaluated Dan Madeley’s agency and determined the best course of action to give them their desired results.  The experienced digital marketers for Insurance Agencies SEO Smooth decided that what Dan Madeley needed was good on-site, off-site and local search engine optimization.

What We Did

The SEO team got to work researching key phrases that customers often use when searching for any of the financial products that Dan Madeley’s agency offers.  Key terms such as “life insurance agent in Houston” or “insurance agency in Houston” were just a couple of the searches we found to be very common.  Armed with this knowledge, our specialists began optimizing Dan Madeley’s website in order to be sure that when search engines were indexing websites, his was flagged as being relevant for these terms.

Our search engine optimization efforts didn’t end there, we routinely wrote strategic blogs and other articles to be posted on Dan Madeley’s website.  This kept a steady stream of fresh content, whether it be agency specific or just information that his customers, and potential customers, would find valuable.  These pieces of content also included key search terms on purpose, to keep the website indexed as relevant for this type of information.

The Results

Customer Increase

We are proud to say that Dan Madeley’s insurance agency saw a spike in customers thanks to our SEO for insurance agents efforts.  The team at SEO Smooth was able to pinpoint the specific services that Dan Madeley’s agency wanted to show up for in search results, and made sure that their website was showing up consistently.

Improved Online Visibility

Dan Madeley Insurance and Financial Services was able to improve their online visibility through the on and off site SEO work done by our team.  We produced content for their website that directly impacted their visibility for certain products and services, as well as back-end work that allowed them to be prominent as well.  This, in turn, brought more visitors to their website resulting in more customers.

Better Local Presence

Locally, Dan Madeley became more visible in his targeted Houston, Texas area for anyone searching for an insurance agent or other financial services offered by their agency.

If you are interested in seeing similar results for your business, or if you have frustrations with your website design, SEO or social media management don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Homepage Of Dan Madeley Insurance That We Ran A Successful Seo For Insurance Agents Campaign For

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