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He had a truck, we built his client leads, 10 years later they have dozens of trucks.

SEO For Paving Contractors

DeJesus Driveways is driveway paving company serving both residential and commercial customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  They specialize in everything from tar and chip driveways to cobblestone driveways to parking lots and beyond.  The quality of their work speaks for itself, but they needed a website that really showcased that to potential customers.

DeJesus Driveways came to us looking for help, and we could see that they were badly in need of a new website that would truly convert customers.  Additionally, we wanted to help bring exposure to their company and the services they provide.

What We Did

Our SEO for paving contractors campaign was a slam dunk. After analyzing their current website, we decided a 5 static HTML site would work best in terms of bringing DeJesus Driveways return on their investment.  Our talented website development team began by designing a new website that would not only bring new customers to the site, but it would convert them once they got there.  Their new website put a focus on providing a clear picture of their services to prospective customers, while also ensuring that they had visuals and a portfolio of work to browse through.

Aside from building DeJesus a new website, we also took the time to make sure their content was optimized for ideal search engine results.  Once the website and content were in place, we got to work bringing them new clients through strategic Facebook ads and email campaigns.

The Results

Dramatic Increase In Leads/Customers

After we built a new website, DeJesus Driveways saw a huge leap in leads and therefore customer acquisition.  Specifically, they saw thousands of organic leads pour in due to our SEO for contractors efforts and the new site combined which converted into $1.5 million in revenue that SEO Smooth was directly responsible for bringing to the company over a 10 year span.

Improved Visibility

The improvements we made to their site content and the SEO we performed both on and off-site lead to improved visibility overall.  DeJesus Driveways was able to show up organically higher for those looking for their services.  Several more potential customers were able to find their website based upon our efforts.

Targeted Marketing

As experts in the paid media space, we were able to run effective social media ads for DeJesus Driveways which included great email marketing campaigns.  We know exactly how to get their audience to really engage with their ads, which in turn turned into profit for the business.

We are proud to say that DeJesus Driveways has been a client of SEO Smooth’s since 2009, and they continue to see success from our marketing efforts.  If you are experiencing the same frustrations with your website, search engine results or social media paid ads, contact SEO Smooth today!

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