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Trainerspace ( is a fitness and wellness center located in a mid-sized city in the United States. As a small business, they faced challenges in getting their website to rank well in local organic search results for their target keywords, and they lacked a reliable way to track leads and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


Trainerspace wanted to improve their online visibility, attract more organic search traffic, and increase lead generation. They were looking for an experienced SEO agency that could help them achieve their goals.


Trainerspace hired SEO Smooth to handle their organic local SEO and lead tracking. SEO Smooth’s team conducted a thorough audit of Trainerspace’s website and identified several technical and on-page SEO issues that were hindering their organic search performance. They also found that Trainerspace’s lead tracking process was ineffective and not capturing all potential leads.

To address these issues, SEO Smooth implemented the following strategies:

Technical SEO:

SEO Smooth fixed the technical issues on Trainerspace’s website, including optimizing the site structure, improving page speed, and fixing crawl errors.

On-page SEO:

SEO Smooth optimized Trainerspace’s website content and meta tags for their target keywords, ensuring that each page had unique and relevant content.

Local SEO:

SEO Smooth optimized Trainerspace’s Google My Business listing and created location-specific landing pages for their services, targeting the relevant geographic areas.

Lead tracking:

SEO Smooth integrated Callrail, a call tracking software, into Trainerspace’s website. This allowed them to track leads and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Customized Forms:

SEO Smooth customized forms to capture lead information as well as show the value of the services offered by Trainerspace.


Within 60 days of implementing the strategies, Trainerspace saw significant improvements in their organic search performance and lead generation:

  1. Organic search visibility increased by 237% for their target keywords.

  2. Trainerspace ranked in the top 5 for several of their target keywords.

  3. Organic search leads increased by 176% in just 2 months.

  4. Trainerspace was able to track leads more effectively using Callrail, which allowed them to identify the most effective marketing channels and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

  5. The customized forms helped increase lead quality as well as show the value of the services offered by Trainerspace.


SEO Smooth’s approach to Trainerspace’s organic local SEO and lead tracking was a success. By implementing a combination of technical and on-page SEO, local SEO, lead tracking, and customized forms, SEO Smooth was able to significantly improve Trainerspace’s online visibility and lead generation. This resulted in a higher conversion rate and an increase in overall revenue.

Trainerspace - Case Study - -

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