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There are more than 30 V’s Barbershop franchise sites across the country. For males of all ages, they provide standard barbering services like haircuts, shaves, and grooming supplies. Through their Facebook page, V’s Barbershop hoped to raise brand recognition and enhance lead generation.

Despite having a significant social media following, V’s Barbershop was having trouble generating the leads they needed. They wanted to widen their audience and attract more Facebook page visitors, but they weren’t sure how to do it.

The Solution: 

To address the issue, V’s Barbershop teamed up with SEO Smooth, a digital marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertising. In an effort to engage prospective clients and increase traffic to V’s Barbershop’s Facebook page, SEO Smooth developed a focused Facebook advertising strategy.

As part of their strategy, SEO Smooth employed a number of techniques, including:

Targeting audiences: 

SEO Smooth did research on the V’s Barbershop target market and built a custom audience on Facebook that was most likely to interact with their ads.

Ad optimization: 

SEO Smooth continuously improved the Facebook advertising to make sure they were efficient in generating traffic for the V’s Barbershop Facebook page.

Advertising materials: 

SEO Smooth developed visually beautiful advertising materials with straightforward message that highlighted V’s Barbershop’s services and the advantages of getting a haircut or shave at one of their barbershops.

Ad placements: 

Based on the actions and interests of their target audience, SEO Smooth determined the most effective Facebook ad spots for V’s Barbershop.


During the first two months of the campaign, V’s Barbershop managed to reach almost 50,000 people and get 600 clicks to their Facebook business page. While continuing to improve ad delivery and lower overall ad expenditure, they were also able to produce a constant return on investment in the months that followed, averaging about 300 to 400 link clicks every month.


With SEO Smooth’s assistance, V’s Barbershop was able to raise brand awareness and enhance lead generation through their Facebook page. SEO Smooth was able to construct a successful Facebook ad campaign that was both effective and affordable by using audience targeting, ad optimization, creative design, and ad placements. As a result, V’s Barbershop saw an increase in business and a large return on investment.

V'S Barbershop - -
V'S Barbershop - -

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