Google’s New Guide to Google AdWords Ads, Now Google Ads

Google’s New Guide to Google AdWords Ads, Now Google Ads
It’s happening. In July Google introduced responsive search ads which will help ads becomes more relevant to search. More recently at the end of August Google released a third headline and a second description feature.
For advertisers this means putting more focus on creating high-quality ad components that work well together. You’ll need to think through all the different combination outcomes to ensure everything matches.
Give everything the machines need to deliver fantastic optimization. Here’s a guide on how to take advantage of these new features or read the guideline summary below.

Responsive Search Ads

  • One responsive search ad can have up to 15 headline options and 3 description line options – fill as many of these out as you can, poor performing options will stop being delivered
  • Allow headlines and descriptions to be distinct and remove keywords from others, as non overlapping headlines can be shown at the same time
  • One well-designed responsive search ad per group should be enough to handle most cases
  • If you don’t have access to responsive search ads you’ll need to wait until you’ve been included in the next beta roll out

Expanded text ads

  • Keep essential information in headline 1 and 2, or description 1; as headline 3 and description 2 aren’t guaranteed to show up in search
  • Google won’t truncate your 3rd headline—it will show up if there’s room
  • Ensure specificity and relevance for all your headlines and descriptions

Other tips:

  • Take advantage of ad suggestions for your low-performance ad groups to save you time
  • Aim for having a few ads per ad group with optimized ad rotation
  • Don’t fixate on metrics such as CTR and conversion rate as the end goal for your business is sales
  • Optimize your ads for clicks or conversions and more sound advice
If you liked these tips Matt Lawson of Google has a more detailed guide you may want to read.

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