Combining SEO and PPC for better result

In the digital marketing world, keywords play a vital role. As new businesses enter and
search engines continually update their algorithms, it takes a lot to keep on top. Most
businesses double down on two separate avenues: organic search and paid strategies.
Most companies treat these channels exclusively, without knowing that organic and paid
work better together. They are two strong individual strategies that become more
powerful when combined.

What Exactly is PPC and SEO?

PPC (pay per click) is a subset of SEM (search engine marketing) where companies
pay a search engine (like Google) each time someone clicks on their ad. When you cue
up a search, you can quickly spot PPC ads at the top of the page with a boxed “Ad” to
the left of the URLs. As you may have guessed, brands pay to hold this spot. In the
case of PPC, brands only pay when a visitor clicks on their listing.

SEO (search engine optimization) on the other hand, is an organic form of getting your
website a high-ranking spot. This strategy is all about optimizing your content with
effective keywords. SEO is often referred to as organic because there’s no ad purchase
dictating your rank. One struggle of SEO is keeping up with algorithms. In an effort to
provide the best experience, search engines are constantly changing how they keep

Why It’s Time To Marry Your PPC and SEO?

PPC and SEO can help you snag prime SERP real estate, improve your messaging,
and ultimately start more conversations with customers. This dynamic duo can be used
to optimize your click-through rate. With two search engine strategies running
simultaneously, you are maximizing your brand awareness. With a bigger reach, you’re
moving more people to your ad, more people to your website, and more leads to your
pipeline. Your click-through rate is one of the key factors in determining your quality
score which in turn influences where you sit in the SERP ranking. A strong click-through
rate helps you maintain your existing rank and move up the page to a more premium

Now armed with this backdoor keyword insight, SEO teams can work towards ranking
for these terms organically while PPC teams can focus their efforts on new frontiers. Or,
if you have the budget to double down on keywords both organically and with PPC, you
can work on getting both your organic and paid results on the first page of Google. With
this coveted spot solidified, it would be hard not to click on your brand. When someone
searched for that keyword in Google, you would virtually own the page.
This happy merger presents a great opportunity for PPC to collaborate and share
best-performing ad copy for pages that have a similar organic listing.

Putting it All Together

To keep up with ever-changing search engine algorithms and growing competition,
businesses need to align their PPC and SEO efforts. Marrying these two strategies is a
surefire way to increase your brand visibility, boost traffic, and hopefully, bring home
more conversions. Your united PPC and SEO strategies will lead your possible clients to
your website, it’s then up to your content to keep them on board for the long haul.

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