Battle of Ads: Which is better? Google Ads or FB Ads?

In a world driven by digital and social advertising, Google and Facebook Ads have been
battling head to head when it comes to marketing strategy efforts. Many businesses are
spending money on Google Ads, and other advertisers are using Facebook. Both are
valuable, but which is best? which advertisement is best for you?

The most effective advertising platform for your business will depend on several internal
and external factors. Let’s dive in so you can find what it is for yours.

Before we touch on the major considerations that will inevitably inform your decision,
you have to understand the fundamental difference between Google ads vs Facebook

● Facebook ads can build awareness – People don’t use Facebook to shop.
When they check their News Feed, they’re not looking for anything specific.
However, few ads pop up that happens to align with their interests. They may
click to see more or check it for later. Unless you’ve targeted your ad to someone
who is looking for your exact product then your Facebook ad won’t result in a
straightforward conversion.

● Google ads can answer specific queries – People utilize search engines to
find answers to their questions or products to meet their needs. They already
know what they want, and now they’re hoping for the right product on the search
results page.

There are many ways to look at this—Facebook is at the top of the funnel and Google is
the middle to end; Facebook casts the rod and Google reels it in.

The Verdict: FB Ads vs. Google Ads?

By now, you should have an idea of how your brand will fit into either one or both of
these valuable digital marketing tools. In case you’re still undecided, let’s check which is
best for you, based on everything we’ve discussed.

Use Facebook ads if you’re looking to build brand awareness, or you’re trying to target
demographics or life events, and You have a limited budget. In advertising, money talks.
Or, more accurately, money is needed to talk, especially in industries that have high
cost-per-click prices on Google Ads. Your budget will go further on Facebook than on

Choose Google ads if you’re selling products or services people actively seek out.
Users who have intent to buy the products you sell, they’re much more likely to buy
them through Google—a search engine specifically made for finding what you need.
Most companies benefit from both. Knowing when and how to use each one will help
you get the most out of both platforms.

Facebook versus Google? Choose both! After all, two is better than one, and a
professional team of digital marketers is better than guessing games and hoping for the
best. Reach out to SEO Smooth to know more about Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

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