Are Organic Search Results Better Than PPC?

For the long term, your marketing strategy needs to include search engine optimization. The advantage of SEO is that it will bring in better quality leads, statistically. Many users on the internet have become accustomed to ignoring the “paid results” portion of a page when looking through the web or searching Google.

There is a lot of data that suggests organic search results visitors are more likely to trust you and the business. When you rank highly in Google’s search results pages through a keyword or phrase is a great sign that you are seen as a credible source and one of the important contributors in your industry. Considering this, do not trick yourself into thinking that SEO is free. No matter how it is sliced, SEO will cost you something. It could cost you your own time or the time of someone else.

Which one should you choose?

 There are a handful of factors that go into deciding whether SEO or PPC is right for you. The best case scenario is that your long-term strategy will include SEO, even if you chose to begin with PPC. For example, some SEO efforts like improving page speed and page content will also give a better user experience for those visiting the site via PPC. These things will keep them engaged, making it less likely that they will abandon the website shortly after reaching it. Using both SEO and PPC just are not an option when starting, so there are some things to consider before getting started with one or the other.

Consider the goals of the business. Is there a lot of instruction involved in buying the product or service? Is the product or service unique? Are you already known in the industry? There are just a few handful questions that will need to be answered when considering SEO or PPC.


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