Creating a Google-Friendly Website

It is not difficult to design your website that will reap advantages within Google’s search results pages, there are just a few things that should be done.

You will need to give your visitors high-quality information—especially on the main page. If the pages of the site contain useful information, the content is viable to attract more visitors and even encourage other web makers to link to your site on theirs. To create the type of information that will get this reaction, the content should be helpful and rich in information that accurately and clearly describes your chosen topic.

While you want other websites to link to yours, you should be linking other websites on yours as well. This helps web crawlers to find the website and then give it greater visibility in the search results. This is possible because Google uses advanced text-matching software to provide pages that are important and relevant to the search. Pages that link to each other are essentially a vote of confidence in one another, and shows them to Google as being more important. These algorithms can distinguish natural links from unnatural links. Natural links are those that develop as a normal part of the web when other websites discover your content and find it valuable and helpful to their audience. On the other hand, unnatural links are those that are placed with a specific strategy in mind to make a website appear to be more valuable, this more popular in search engines. Do know that only those links that are natural are the ones that matter when crawling and indexing a website to determine the ranking.

Your main goal with providing quality content on the internet should be to please users, and not search engines. You should not be working in a way that will deceive users that visit the page—more often than not it will also try to deceive the search engine as well. You should be avoiding tricks that are used to improve rankings in search engines. One way to think about it is to ponder whether or not you would feel comfortable explaining what you have done to the website to a brand that is your competition or to an employee of Google. Ask yourself, will this help my users? Would I still do this if search engines did not exist? Think about what it is that makes your website valuable, unique, and engaging. Your website should be developed so that it will stand out among others in the same field.


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