Does Bounce Rate Affect SEO?

There have been many debates over the years surrounding whether or not bounce rate affects search engine optimization on a website.  However, how exactly does your website’s bounce rate affect your search ranking results?  Our SEO Smooth team is here to break everything down and help it all make more sense.

What Is Bounce Rate?

The definition of the word “bounce” in SEO terms refers to the process of any one user clicking to a website then almost immediately (or in a specifically short period of time) clicking the back button to exit the website.  The “bounce rate” of a website refers to the rate at which this process happens on any specific website.  

Having a high bounce rate is a negative thing for your website, because it means that users aren’t finding what they need on your site even though your website is showing up high in their search results.  Our team at SEO Smooth specializes in reviewing websites and analyzing what might be causing a poor bounce rate.

Bounce Rates and SEO Results

According to the average bounce rate that any given website typically experiences is between 26%-70%.  Average bounce rate is calculated by the total number of one page visits on a website divided by the total number of entries to a  website.  As a rule of thumb, you want to strive for a low bounce rate, as this would mean that people who come to your site typically stay there.  How does this bounce rate affect your search engine results though?  

Well, if users are “bouncing” off your website then that means that your website will be  deemed low quality by that particular search engine.  Search engines, like Google and Bing, want their users to have the best possible experience.  This means that if a user searches for “tennis shoes” and the search engine brings up a result with a website for a donut shop, then that would be a negative experience as they weren’t able to find what they wanted.Does Bounce Rate Affect Seo? - -

These negative experiences lower your overall SEO as it is telling the search engines that your site is not giving users a good experience, therefore you will show up lower in search results.

If your website is experiencing a higher than desired bounce rate, SEO Smooth can help.  Making changes to your website can drastically improve your bounce rate, and furthermore your search engine optimization.  SEO Smooth can audit your website and determine what is causing the low bounce rate.  Sometimes a poor bounce rate can be the result of needing better content on your site. sometimes it can be that your onsite SEO needs work, and sometimes it can even have to do with your domain.

Regardless of the reason, let SEO Smooth work to improve your bounce rate and get your website showing up in search results.

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