Enough Hands to Juggle Hurricane Irma, SEO Smooth, and Newborn Amelia

Of course, we hope that everyone was able to take the necessary precautions for the storm and stays safe.


When it comes to juggling multiple parts of your life, there may be times you find yourself giving a lot of attention to one thing, and accidentally neglecting another. For some people, juggling is a way of life. They are multitaskers, constantly doing two or more things at once and swear their technique is the key to success. On the other hand, there are people who cannot do more than one thing at once and swear it’s impossible, so why try? We aren’t here to debate whether or not you can multitask. We are here to ask a question, what do you do when you are needed in more than one place at once?


SEO Smooth’s CEO Vincent Tobiaz has experience in what it feels like to be needed in more than one place at once. With Hurricane Irma on the horizon, his daughter Amelia being born on September 4th, and SEO Smooth growing rapidly, Vincent understands that sometimes you need to carry on through factors that are out of your control. For these juggling moments, you need a plan because it’s difficult to put hurricane shutters on your house while you’re in the hospital listening to doctors deliver medical reports while also helping your clients with their Digital Marketing needs.


The plan is simple, depend on the dynamic SEO Smooth team that is self-sufficient whether or not he is in the office. We have nine employees, three of which work together on a daily basis in Boynton Beach FL, and several others spread across the country. Not only are we spread far enough away from each other that natural disasters like Hurricane Irma cannot affect us all, but we each contribute a unique asset to the team. If you’re interested in doing business with us, we’ve got a person that is specialized to figure out what your needs are and strategize with you the best plan of action for moving forward.


After we understand what it is that you need and have developed a plan of action, we have several people with different specializations for the digital marketing services we provide. For example, the members of our team that are responsible for building websites have a different expertise than PPC advertising and Social Media Marketing. If you’re already a client of ours and you have questions regarding the progress of your Digital Marketing Campaign, we have a person specialized to talk with clients and provide you with transparent progress reports.


You’re probably thinking that having each member of the team contribute a different asset is basic team building, right? Specialization is not new, so why are we talking about it? You may have forgotten one key player on your team – your website. If your website were considered part of your team, it’s specialization would be helping your business exist in more than one place at once. How frequently do you come across a business that’s only selling a product or service to the people who walk in the door? Not very often.


When was the last time you had a Digital Marketing professional thoroughly analyze your website’s performance? Your website is the foundation to virtually all digital marketing services. If it’s not performing optimally, let us help you get it back on track and keep your business moving forward. At SEO Smooth, we understand that sometimes you need to carry on through factors that are out of your control. Your website should always be working effectively even when you can’t be, because you’re busy juggling life. Let’s team up together to get one of your most valuable team players back in the game.

Again, safety first.

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