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Fix Logistics Processes and Synced Lightspeed and Woocommerce

Where we Excelled for 3Js Cigar

Our Strong Points

Cigar Shop SEO

3Js Cigar Emporium is a family-owned and operated cigar shop, lounge, and craft beer bar with three locations in Davie, Wellington, and Boca, Florida.  They came to us from another agency with frustrations that we often hear from clients. We set to work on their cigar shop SEO. Their website was broken not able to take sales and was loading very slowly.  The website needed several updates to various aspects that affect site functionality and user experience.  Our team at SEO Smooth took on the task of improving the 3Js Cigar Emporium website as well as optimizing the site for search engine results.  Additionally, Google does not allow ads for tobacco products, so our team was up for the challenges of gaining visibility completely organically for our client.

What We Did

For our Cigar Shop SEO we made several edits to their website including fixing issues with the shopping cart, the product page, search functionality, and much more.  Our team also made edits to the portions of their website that directly impact their search engine results when potential customers search the web.  The edits and repairs to their website yielded excellent results for 3Js Cigar Emporium.

The Results

Higher Sales

3Js Cigar Emporium saw increased sales as a direct result of the improvements we made to their website.  The user experience was now easier and more enjoyable.  The SEO Smooth team also noticed logistical issues that, once fixed, could allow the cigar shop to have more products on its website.  We fixed logistical processes by syncing Lightspeed and Woocommerce to their website.

Increased Visibility

Our improvements to 3Js Cigar Emporium’s website increased their search visibility by a whopping 488%.  This drastic leap really allowed for this family-owned cigar shop to enhance its local SEO presence.  Local SEO specifically refers to the visibility of a business’s website when searched for locally which can be a Google Maps listing or other local business listing site.

Expanded Capabilities

Due to our changes, 3Js Cigar Emporium was able to expand its sales from being only local to selling on a national level.  Thanks to effective cigar shop SEO their website now has a large product page with over 1000 cigars, as well as cigar accessories.  The product page can be filtered by price, brand, length, body, and more.  These changes allow users to not only have a better experience but an easier time shopping for the specific cigar that they want. If you are experiencing the same frustrations with your website or search engine presence, don’t hesitate to contact us today!
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