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Casa Dental Case Study

Casa Dental is a dental office in Toronto, Canada that focuses on core dentistry competencies such as preventive dentistry, dental cleanings, oral exams, and more.  Casa Dental came to us looking for help with their search engine results as well as their paid ad strategy.  They were hoping to see an increase in their organic search engine results when users search for services their office offers and to show up for those looking for those services in places where paid ads appear. 

What We Did

SEO Smooth’s team immediately sought to analyze how we could make Casa Dental’s organic and paid results increase and bring in more business for them.  

From an SEO standpoint, our team got to work optimizing keywords, meta tag descriptions, and other backend optimizations that really made a difference.  

Looking at the paid ad portion of Casa Dental’s strategy, our team focused on putting ads together that would actively target the services that Casa Dental was hoping to provide.  

These two approaches together work very well to cover all bases, and that is exactly what our team’s approach was able to achieve.   

The Results

Increased Conversions

After coming on board with SEO Smooth, Casa Dental saw an increase in conversions of 200% in only two short months.  This means that of the users that came to the Casa Dental website, the number of them that turned into actual paying customers increased by 200%.  This was undoubtedly due to the organic SEO efforts of our team.  We optimized the website to ensure that Casa Dental would show up in a higher ranking position during certain searches.  

Increased Organic Search Traffic

The increase in organic search traffic that Casa Dental saw since hiring our team at SEO Smooth was entirely due to the efforts that we made to optimize their website.  Because of the work that our team put in, Casa Dental was able to see a dramatic increase in their organic search traffic.    

If you are experiencing similar frustrations with your business and would like to see an increased conversion rate on your website and/or an increase in organic traffic to your site, don’t hesitate to contact us today.  Our experts at SEO Smooth are standing by and ready to get to work for your business. 

Casa Dental - Case Study - -
Casa Dental - Case Study - -

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