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Epf Hard Money Lending - Case Study - -

Where we Excelled for EPF Hard Money Lending

Our Strong Points

EPF Hard Money Lending Case Study

EPF is a hard money lending firm located in South Florida that specializes in providing hard money loans for those needing fast cash in order to purchase a property in the areas of Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach County, Florida.  When EPF came to us, they were looking for help with redesigning their website, as well as getting their name out there to potential customers.  Our team at SEO Smooth was excited to take on the challenge and got to work right away to help EPF with its marketing struggles.

What We Did

The first thing we did was work to analyze the pain points of EPF’s website, and determine what needed to be revised.  We felt that a transparent design that really gives prospective customers that are searching all of the information that they need on the first page is the best option.  SEO Smooth’s web development team worked to create this vision in order to bring clarity to EPF’s customers at a glance.

Once their website was re-designed, the social media team at SEO Smooth took over EPF’s social media channels to begin widening their reach and exposure.  Additionally, we began running paid ads in order to reach more potential customers.  Our paid ad campaigns brought several new leads and the ongoing social media posting and engagement has allowed for increased exposure for EPF.

The Results

Customer Awareness

EPF Hard Money Lending saw a strong increase in customer awareness of their products, rates, lender fees, loan terms, and more.  This lead to customers asking fewer questions, and finding the information and answers they were looking for easily and quickly.

Increased Exposure

The paid ad campaigns that SEO Smooth has run for EPF have allowed for increased exposure, putting EPF in front of a new and targeted audience.  Our campaigns allowed EPF ads to be shown to people actively searching for hard money loans, and are therefore ideal customers for EPF.

Better Engagement

The social media posting and engagement with other social media users have allowed EPF to see an improved rate of engagement with both current and prospective customers.  Social media, in general, brings a more personal experience for businesses and how they connect with their customers, and SEO Smooth’s team knows how to maximize this for your business.

If you are in the same position as EPF was, and are in need of an improved website design as well as increased exposure for your business, contact SEO Smooth today!

Epf Hard Money Lending - Case Study - -

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