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A luxury home and outdoor furnishings company, Clima Home was looking to improve its online visibility and enhance the number of leads coming from its website.


Finding a means to separate out from their rivals in the fiercely competitive market was one of Clima Home’s biggest concerns. Additionally, they needed assistance developing a successful online marketing strategy because they lacked digital marketing knowledge.


SEO Smooth suggested a Google Ads campaign to improve Clima Home’s online presence and raise their website’s lead generation. We conducted thorough research and found underutilized high opportunity phrases. Additionally, they developed numerous ad groups to target various client segments and improved the landing pages and ad copy for higher conversion rates.


Six weeks after starting the Google Ads campaign, Clima Home noticed a noticeable rise in the volume of leads coming from their website. Additionally, the campaign saw a good return on investment (ROI) thanks to lower overall ad spending than anticipated. The firm continues to optimize the campaign in the following months in order to lower the overall ad cost and keep the same volume of leads.

Major Improvements:

  • Profitable ROI on ad spend within 6 weeks
  • Reduced total ad spend while maintaining the same level of leads
  • Increased form submissions by 210% within the first two months
  • Increased total sales by 200%
  • Increased click-through rate (CTR) of ads by 50%


The Google Ads campaign created by the digital marketing agency for Clima Home was a great success. By identifying high opportunity keywords that competitors weren’t using and creating optimized ad groups, the campaign generated a significant increase in leads and total sales while maintaining a profitable ROI on ad spend. Clima Home was also able to reduce their total ad spend while still achieving the same level of leads. Overall, the success of this campaign demonstrated the power of targeted and optimized Google Ads campaigns for small businesses looking to increase their online visibility and generate more leads.

Clima Home Case Study - -
Clima Home Case Study - -

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