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Improved lead quality to improve the rate for a lead turning into appointment. While we reduced costs.

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Lawyer PPC Ads & Social Media Postings is a injury law firm and criminal law firm handling in Palm Beach County, FL, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County, all of South Florida.

Improved Attorney’s Law Firm PPC Lead Quality


With professionally created law firm PPC tactics, SEO Smooth, a top-tier digital marketing agency, has assisted McLaughlin Morris Law, a famous accident and criminal litigation firm in South Florida, in increasing lead quality and lowering costs. Over the course of eight months, SEO Smooth successfully increased conversion-oriented traffic to, resulting in a 55% increase in leads and a 6% decrease in costs. This was accomplished by combining targeted injury attorney Google Ads, criminal attorney Google Ads, and strategic social media postings.

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Premier criminal and injury litigation firm McLaughlin Morris litigation represents clients in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. They sought to enhance their internet presence, raise lead quality, and reduce expenditures in order to keep their position as the top law practice in the area. They sought help from SEO Smooth to help them accomplish their objectives.


Beginning with an analysis of McLaughlin Morris Law’s current online presence, the SEO Smooth team looked at their content marketing, social media posts, and search engine optimization. They launched a complex strategy after identifying areas for improvement, which included injury lawyer PPC advertisements, criminal lawyer PPC ads, injury lawyer Google advertisements, criminal lawyer Google Ads, and targeted social media postings.

The team tried to increase conversion rates while concentrating on optimizing a more challenging, smaller budget for attorneys. The eight-month figures demonstrate a gradual but consistent improvement in bringing high-quality, conversion-focused traffic to During this time, the team saw a 16% boost in clicks, a 55% increase in leads, and a 6% decrease in costs.

Conversion Enhancement

The SEO Smooth team ran PPC advertising for criminal and injuries attorneys while also concentrating on conversion optimization. They made sure the website for McLaughlin Morris Law featured obvious calls to action (CTAs), visible contact information above the fold, and a positive user experience on desktop and mobile devices. The usability and functionality of the website were enhanced because to this attention to detail, which increased conversion rates.

To improve the Google Ads quality scores, the team also focused on a few aspects of organic optimization. Despite not actively pursuing SEO, they were able to increase leads by 27% and raise conversion rates from 4% to 7% by ensuring that the landing pages contained the proper keyword mentions.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Business Profile Posts

In addition to creating smart social media postings for McLaughlin Morris Law, SEO Smooth also created Google Ads for injury attorneys and criminal attorneys. These articles enhanced the law firm’s web presence and contributed to the campaign’s overall success.


The effective use of law firm PPC campaigns, accident lawyer Google Ads, and criminal lawyer Google Ads is demonstrated by SEO Smooth’s all-encompassing digital marketing strategy for McLaughlin Morris Law. The team at SEO Smooth dramatically increased the search visibility of McLaughlin Morris Law attorneys by combining these strategies with conversion optimization and social media postings, increasing conversion-oriented traffic to their website, and generating outstanding results.

McLaughlin Morris Law witnessed a 55% increase in leads, a 6% decrease in costs, and a 16% increase in clicks over the course of eight months. Additionally, their website’s conversion rate jumped from 4% to 7%, and the number of leads rose by 27%. These outcomes emphasize the importance of an all-encompassing digital marketing strategy and SEO Smooth’s skills in implementing PPC campaigns for law firms, lawyer Google Ads, and social media marketing plans.

Law Firm Ppc Agency Campaigns Results Chart
Law Firm Ppc Google Ads Line Graph
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