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Mohip Dental (, a Florida-based dental clinic , provides patients with a range of dental services. A number of the clinic’s issues included a bad website design, poor local SEO citation directories, and low social media exposure. They also wanted to strengthen their organic SEO and social media presence in order to increase their customers, establish themselves as industry leaders in the dental industry, and improve their online reputation.


There were several problems that Mohip Dental had to address straight away. Rearranging hundreds of web pages to improve user experience was the first challenge. The website’s poor design made it difficult for patients to navigate and get the information they required. Additionally, their local SEO citation directories were incorrectly configured, which made it challenging for potential patients to find them on the map listings. This issue has to be fixed in order to raise the clinic’s profile and attract additional patients.


In order to overcome their obstacles and realize their objectives, Mohip Dental teamed up with SEO Smooth. A thorough strategy, developed by SEO Smooth, contained the following fixes:

  • Website Optimization: SEO Smooth optimized the clinic’s website by restructuring hundreds of pages, improving the design, and making it more user-friendly. They also optimized the website for search engines to improve its ranking and attract more organic traffic.
  • Local SEO: SEO Smooth cleared up the improper local SEO citation directories, like map listings, to make it easier for potential patients to find the clinic. They also optimized the clinic’s Google My Business page and local directories to improve local search rankings.
  • Social Media Optimization: SEO Smooth optimized Mohip Dental’s social media presence by improving and scheduling content. They also worked to increase engagement with the clinic’s followers to improve the clinic’s reputation and attract new patients.
  • Content Marketing: SEO Smooth posted blogs with relevant keywords to improve the clinic’s search engine rankings, establish them as a leader in the dental industry, and attract new patients.


Working with SEO Smooth produced major results for Mohip Dental. They saw a 454% increase in users via social media and organic SEO, as well as a 39% rise in new patient calls. Increased social media presence also helped to boost their reputation and draw in more patients. The changes made to their website and local SEO citation directories resulted in an increase in phone calls from prospective patients. The use of content marketing helped Mohip Dental become a pioneer in the dental sector and increased search engine results. One of the clinic’s main objectives was accomplished when it was able to expand its patient base to other areas of Florida.


Mohip Dental was able to handle their issues and attain their objectives by working with SEO Smooth. Significant increases in new patient calls and users from organic SEO and social media were brought on by the enhancements made to their website, local SEO citation directories, social media presence, and content marketing activities. As well as growing their clientele and enhancing their online reputation, Mohip Dentistry was able to position themselves as a leader in the dental sector.

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Mohip Dental - Case Study - -

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