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Morrell Metalsmiths - Case Study - -

eCommerce SEO

Focused on creating content for inner product pages including new product descriptions for their online store, which were easily implemented using Wix Stores.

On page SEO

Improved titles, descriptions and URLs based on vast keyword research targeting new keywords for Morrell that would bring them more relevant traffic.

Drastically Improve your Converison Rates.

Fixed any inconsistencies in NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) using the Site Booster app. Local SEO: Fully set up Google My Business as a part of local SEO efforts.

Outreach Marketing

Used outreach tactics to successfully create inbound links.

Where we Excelled for Morrell Metalsmiths

Rock Solid Rankings

Morrell Metalsmiths is a family run blacksmithing business in Massachusetts, which has been around since 1983. In addition to boasting the coolest hand craftsmanship metal has ever seen, people throughout New England go to Morrell Metalsmith to learn the art of blacksmithing at their classes and workshops.

Many things have changed since their early days in the ’80s, especially the way businesses are promoted and marketed. Since most things happen online, the founder’s son, Evan Morrell has stepped in to head up their marketing efforts. The challenge for Morrell Metalsmith was two-fold. First, they had to make sure their online store was visible on search results, and on the flip side they also needed to boost their local foot traffic. We were happy to take the challenge head-on.

The article offers an additional case study of when Wix approached us to help improve their SEO tools and perception through a pilot program on one of their clients, Morrell Metalsmiths and discusses how we were able to boost traffic for them by using some of our SEO magic.

Search Engine Optimization Results

The pilot happened several years ago for a period of 6 months, and still ranking near the top for for “massachusetts metalsmiths” and “massachusetts blacksmiths” and similar keywords. We have several other client examples of this rank-staying power.

Morrell Metalsmiths - Case Study - -

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