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A reputable catering business, South Florida Events ( offers top-notch food and event planning services for a range of occasions, including weddings, business parties, and social gatherings. Even though the business had a solid reputation for its services, it had trouble growing its clientele in the cutthroat South Florida market.


The South Florida Events team contacted SEO Smooth in an effort to increase sales and diversify their clientele. They sought to change the fact that their attempts at digital marketing brought in little to no money.


For South Florida Events, SEO Smooth created a thorough digital marketing plan that included paid and organic SEO initiatives as well as local presence enhancement. The following were the focus of the agency’s work:

Keyword research and optimization:

SEO Smooth conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most relevant and valuable search terms for South Florida Events. They optimized the website’s content, metadata, and images for these keywords, making it easier for potential customers to find the company when searching for event planners and caterers in the South Florida area.

Content marketing:

The agency developed high-quality and informative content related to the catering industry and events planning, which was published on South Florida Event’s blog and social media platforms. This helped to establish the company as an authority in the industry and attract more organic traffic to their website.

Paid ad campaigns:

SEO Smooth developed and managed targeted paid ad campaigns on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, which helped to reach a wider audience and increase the number of leads for South Florida Events. The agency also continuously optimized the campaigns to ensure maximum ROI for the company.

Local SEO:

SEO Smooth optimized South Florida Event’s Google My Business profile, ensuring that all information was up to date and accurate. They also built high-quality local citations, such as local directories and review sites, to improve the company’s online visibility in the local market.


After implementing the digital marketing strategy developed by SEO Smooth, South Florida Events saw significant improvements in their online visibility, website traffic, and sales.

The company’s website received an increased number of leads and a high conversion rate, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue per month. The ROI ranged from 400% to 1,200% monthly, which exceeded the company’s expectations.

Moreover, South Florida Events’ online revenue went from virtually nothing to 33% of their business. SEO Smooth also improved the company’s website, making it easier to navigate for clients, which helped to increase the time spent on the site and reduce the bounce rate.


The partnership between South Florida Events and SEO Smooth was successful, resulting in increased revenue and a larger client base for the catering company. By using a combination of organic SEO, paid ad campaigns, and local SEO, SEO Smooth was able to improve the company’s online visibility and attract more customers. As a result, South Florida Events was able to establish a strong online presence, which is essential for success in today’s digital age.

South Florida Events - Case Study - -

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