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Our Email Marketing Service's Process

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Email Design

Our email marketing service is customized based on your company and your audience. Specific subjects and body content are made for each audience, with complementing graphics, promotions, seasonal and general information included. When you approve the template, we are ready to launch!

Email Scheduling

There is specific scheduling for each email, designed for optimum timing of delivery.


Our email marketing service provides multiple reports that show when a reader opens, clicks, and what they do exactly with your email. This information is used to improve the subject, content, layout, and design of emails in order to ensure we retain your subscribers’ interest.

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Why SEO Smooth?

We find a 99% satisfaction rate from our customers.

Some customers have had bad experiences with previous SEO Companies, but they end up staying to do business with us. Finding a good SEO doesn’t have to be a hassle.

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Email campaigns are a great way to keep in direct contact with previous or existing clients and gain new ones with the help of social media, newsletter signups & exit pop-ups.

We can track who calls from your emails with tracking numbers, as well as the ones that come to your website and submit a form or buy a product.

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Top Email Marketing Techniques

When a special event or promotion is happening, we utilize A/B testing, email tracking, reporting, and email list maintenance. We’ve worked with large-scale email service providers such as Silverpop, Stormpost, as well as more mainstream ESP’s such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact and custom systems.

We increase deliverability, opens, and clicks using A/B testing of subject lines, text snippets, email body content, personalization, video & other advanced techniques. Also, we reuse lists for Remarketing or Lookalike Audiences. 

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