Chiropractic Email Marketing

While getting new patients might seem like the most important part of running a successful chiropractic practice, engaging with current patients is just as important.  Email marketing can be a huge part of that relationship building component that your practice undoubtedly needs.

Where to Start

Starting any type of email campaign can be intimidating, but thankfully there are so many resources out there to help you get started.  There are many free services that can help you manage your emails, create campaigns, and even send out several hundred emails at once.  Email services like these include MailChimp, SendGrid or Zoho.  

These services can take a little practice to learn all the tools and ways that they can help you get started.  If this option seems as though it might be too much to manage, you can always hire someone to take over your email marketing as well.  At SEO Smooth we have people that specialize in email marketing that can help transform your business, and you can check out our email services at 

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing can benefit your chiropractic practice in more ways than one.  Reaching out to patients on a consistent basis helps to keep your practice at the forefront of their minds, build rapport, and helps to retain patients.  

Many of your past or present patients may, in fact, need your services but could be putting it off or even forgetting to call and make an appointment.  This is where a quick email can remind them of your chiropractic office and push them to come in.  Additionally, when patients receive an email on their birthday or another holiday, or even just a “checking in” email it helps to build that relationship.  When patients feel like your office cares more about just getting money from them, it makes them want to come back.  Email marketing can also help your patient retention.  People, in general, are resistant to change, so it makes sense that patients would want to stay with their same doctor.  However, people are still very critical of their medical care and will leave for a new chiropractor if they don’t feel that your office takes care of them.  

Best Types of Emails to Send

There are several different types of emails you can send to patients, but there are a few that statistically perform the best.  The following are a few types of emails that can be effective in helping your chiropractic practice be successful.

  • Newsletters: Chiropractic offices can send out newsletters at any type of consistent time frame, whether it be monthly or bi-monthly, that contain information about your practice, tips for chiropractic health, etc.
  • Surveys: Sending surveys to your patients empowers them and makes them feel heard and valued, and it also gives your office feedback on what can be improved.
  • Holiday/Birthday Greetings: Holidays and birthdays are a great time to email patients and let them know you’re thinking about them, which in turn makes them feel special.
  • Welcome: When a new patient visits your practice for the first time, it is important to make a good impression on them and let them know that you’re happy to have them.
  • Social Media: An email that encourages patients to connect with your chiropractic office on social media gives them a new way to relate to your practice and be updated on anything you might have happening.
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