How to Add a User in Google Search Console

If you own a website, you need Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) to complete your SEO efforts. Not only will it help check for issues on your site, it’s a great tool for indexing to optimize your visibility in SERPs. Even better, it’s absolutely free to use. If you haven’t registered already, simply click this link and follow Google’s prompts to sign up.

Navigation is fairly straightforward and all the main links can be found in the left navigation menu. In this guide, we’ll be talking about how to add a new user in Google Search Console, which comes in handy if you have a team or SEO Manager working on your website.

Let’s begin!

Your Easy Guide to Adding a New User in Google Search Console

Step 1: Login and you’ll be directed to the Overview, which looks like this (this is the new layout; if you’re using the older version, the layout will look different):


Scroll to the bottom of the left navigation to find the Settings link.


Step 2: After clicking the Settings link, you’ll see a new screen with property info. Click on Users and Permissions.


Step 3: You’ll now see a current list of users and their permissions. Click the big blue button in the upper right that reads “Add User.”


A pop-up will appear asking you for an email address of the new user and what permission you want to give them. 


Simply add the email, select what permission the user will have, and click “add.” A site owner has complete control over the website and only one can be listed. Other users can be either “full” users or “restricted.” Full users are similar to site owners and are allowed to access a lot of the data and take certain actions. 

Restricted users will only be able to view some of the data. For a complete list of what each permission allows, check out this Google article.

Here’s a quick-reference table: