What Are Social Signals?

Social media networks are among the fastest growing in the world, so it’s important to be on top of your game. In fact, social media is so important that it’s now a major player when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Social signals are an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your site while also showing Google that your content is valuable (inadvertently boosting your site in SERPs).

So what are social signals? Let’s break it down.

Social Signals Come from What People Do on Social Media Platforms

More specifically, these signals refer to likes, comments, shares, tweets, pins, views (etc.) of a piece of content. Social signals are “human interaction metrics.” When you post a link to a blog you just published, and people respond positively with lots of comments and shares, that’s a strong signal that your content is popular.

Social Signals Increase Brand Visibility

If you’ve spent any time researching social media marketing, you’ve most likely run into one core message: be consistent! The reason that maintaining a consistent posting schedule is so important comes down to visibility. People have a lot of content showing up in their feeds all day long, so if you’re only posting randomly or once or twice a month, you won’t appear as often. The less you appear, the less engagement you’ll have, which ultimately weakens your social signals. But, if you can stay consistent and keep your social signals strong, you’ll actually appear more often in feeds, leading to increased brand visibility.

Social Signals Increase Inbound Links and Citations

The more your content gets shared on social media, the more traffic you’ll get to your website. The traffic you get from social links is very similar to backlinks. The more links you have, the better. This is one of the indirect ways social media platforms can help boost search rankings. 

As you can see, signals from social media can have a big impact on your brand, SEO, and sales figures. You can build your following on social media with time and organic strategies, or you can start to boost your page instantly with the right paid marketing. Either way, the message is clear: you need to be present on social media.

Simply having a channel on a popular platform won’t cut it. You need an appropriate plan and strategy for your business so you can consistently engage your audience and then convert that audience to paying customers.

Why You Need Social Media Management and a Posting Schedule

Even though we’ve spent all this time talking about the benefits of social media, it still feels very overwhelming. Have you ever looked at your channel, knew that you needed to post something, but had no idea what to post? What would your audience like? Should you share a funny GIF? Post a promo? Upload a video? Or should you do a giveaway to get more followers? You’re already busy running a business, so trying to keep up with your social media, responding to comments, and trying to figure out what to post can add a lot of stress to each day.

Most businesses simply shy away from their channels, either missing out on all the benefits by not posting at all or posting too inconsistently at the wrong times.

We specialize in social media management and offer affordable social media posting packages that work with any budget. We know exactly what it takes to increase your following, get people engaging with your content, and boost social signals. Our huge library of images, articles, and animated GIFs means you’ll never run out of relevant, engaging content.

Best of all, we post across 7 different social channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Google My Business

Each social media posting package includes weekly posts, on-demand post requests, optimal time research, and optimization of each of your current channels (or we’ll create new ones for you!). You can easily review and approve each of the posts we create before they go live. And we’re always here for support when you need it.

Social signals are too important to ignore, and social media management doesn’t need to be a hassle. Our packages will save you time and money while increasing web traffic and brand awareness. As your metrics improve and grow, so will your revenue and database of happy customers.

Let us know how we can help by sending us a message today. Or sign-up for a social media posting package and start boosting your social signals the right way.

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